Dungeons And Dragons strategy?

I’m going to have to play this tomorrow and there isn’t much online about quick and dirty ways to score. I’m familiar with the flex-save part from playing a bit of Hard Body. But what do I shoot at? Not looking to GC the table, but some basic strategy would be nice. Any help is appreciated.

I’m surprised (but not really) that there’s no info on pintips about this.

Skill shot is to touch the upper left gate but not go all the way around the loop that goes behind the playfield.

As far as I can tell there are two ways to play the game. Right orbit shots to feed the upper flipper for the million point shot, or building up bonus during multiball. I prefer the multiball route because the upper flipper shot is extremely difficult (much more difficult imo than most of the shots mentioned on that recent Parsons podcast). Pick off the standup lights and relight them via the yellow and blue shots on either side to build up bonus. You can do this with the side ramp for the red targets, but like I said that is a difficult shot. Extinguish all of the flames and you get a decent carryover bonus for the subsequent balls so the earlier this is accomplished the better.

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That pretty much covers it. Beware that when you get a tilt warning, the flex saves are disabled for a couple seconds. Also, you can start 2 or 3 ball multiball from the pops throwing the ball into the dragon’s lair, or by shooting the side ramp. Great music changes after locking balls.

Might as well watch this


I’m not sure how to light or start multiball. It looks like you hit the 4 bank of blue targets on the left and then lock on the left of the bank? And basically the same with the yellow on the right? How do you release the locked balls? Upper flipper shot?

Sorry, but the isn’t much online about this game.

The multiball is started by getting the ball behind the top pop bumper?

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The pops can kick it into the Dragon’s Lair (left or right areas next to the pops) to start multiball or you can shoot the side ramp.

I think I got it. Had to watch the video twice. Thanks for the help!