Drain Talk *NEW* episode 5: Falling Down!

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Being the IFPA country director for Norway, a very dedicated tournament player and being part of organizing frequent tournaments in Oslo, Norway, I feel this has abit relevance to competitive pinball.

Episode 1 of my new pinball show, Drain Talk, is finally up:

The battle part of the episode,best-of-3 on Kiss: Drain Battle 1: Morten vs Jimmy (Kiss pro) - YouTube

It ended up being alot more work and effort than i intended because I got all these creative ticks and anxiety for it not being “good enough”, but I am very happy how it turned out.

So! I had this idea in 2017 to make a video show following the competitive pinball in Norway, even made a test recording, but due to life and challenges it just drained away. But for every big pinball and also life event, I felt bad for not already having established a monthly show as a kindof historic document. Now, at last, I thought “fuck it, lets do this” and spent the last three weeks planning,recording and editing, and here we are. For me its also important to focus on sharing good times with friends, and thats why I also have beer tasting as part of the episode. Trying to find beers which are out of the ordinary :slight_smile:

When covid is under control and the IFPA system opens up, I am super excited to follow the norwegian pinball scene, tournaments and rankings on a montly basis, but until then I will fill the episodes with conversation about pinball and beer with players in norway and our pinball club in Oslo.

So if nothing else, I hope to add an insight into Norwegian Pinball,for those few interested :slight_smile: And Ill see you guys in Florida 2025,when we can finally have the IFPA World Championships :sweat_smile: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:



This is really well done. I like the feel of the show as well as the production. I hope you keep it going.

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yeah I liked it also - thanks!

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Hey pinballers!

Finally DrainTalk episode 2 will premiere on youtube TOMORROW (saturday 8th May ) at 20.00 / 8PM CET / GMT+2 at this link:


This episode is a homage to Austria and Austrian Pinball Open, and why that tournament means so much to two Norwegians, I hope you will join me in the live chat while watching it together!:slightly_smiling_face:

This second episode is a personal recollection of my travels to Austria and Austria Pinball Open from 2016-2019 together with my mate Tom, and how life changed during those visits with Sandras passing. It is a celebration of friendship and the great experiences one gets when travelling to tournaments in other countries. We also have the pleasure of speaking to the organizers of the Austrian Pinball Open, and also of course tasting some exquisite austrian beers not possible to buy in Norway.

I am also discussing the norwegian rankings, the horrible WPPR decay and my failure to not increase my pinball collection further.


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It was cool with the premiere feature youtube has!
I updated the thread title and the video is now on youtube:

Episode content:
Last Month In Pinball Norway:

  • WPPR decay meltdown
  • Norwegian pinball rankings April
  • Silverball Mania modified tournament code
    Guest of the episode: Tom-Andre!
  • Austrian Pinball Open 2016 + 2017
  • Interview with Bernd Prucher and Markus Stix (APO organizers) part 1
    Beer tasting #1: Murauer Märzen
  • Austrian Pinball Open 2018 + 2019
  • Interview with Bernd Prucher and Markus Stix (APO organizers) part 2
    Beer tasting #2: Murauer Dunkel

Links to the different part is in the video description :slight_smile:
Ill happily take all kinds of feedback!


Last effort before taking vacation is Episode 3 of Drain Talk: Return of the WPPRs!

I talk about:

  • IFPA reopening & upcoming events in oslo
  • Beer tasting: Baladin Nora
  • Norwegian pinball rankings July
  • Rick & Morty soon here & Hot Tip
  • My Age of Empires 2 homebrew pinball; progress and status with photos and videos

Getting back to 30 minute length :sweat_smile: Feel free to share and subscribe to my youtube-channel :slight_smile:


After summer and one month of IFPA reopening, Drain Talk Episode 4 is now finally out!

Did I finally get my Rick and Morty? Is my Age Of Empires 2 homebrew finally flipping, with video footage? And, why would a Norwegian move to Taiwan and start a pinball company?

Check out the very nice conversation with Jack Morten from Scandinavian Pinball Factory, make sure to check that out and hear his stories about being a Norwegian pinball parts manufacturer in Taiwan, and other stories! Its in the 20 minutes.

The first part I talk about what has happened in pinball norway since August, including tournaments, rankings Rick and Morty and… Age Of Empires 2 pinball.

Episode content:

  • 2:03 -Vacation summary
  • 3:39 - 1st August Reopening Tournament
  • 4:27 - Olav got his first NIB!
  • 4:38 - Rick and Morty Pinball is here!
  • 9:42 - Age Of Empires 2 Pinball: Flippin’ gameplay!!
  • 11:55 - Return of the Wpprs Tournament
  • 15:07 - Kristiania Flipperselskap + Stern Army = TRUE!
  • 16:44 - Rankings between July and September
  • 18:21 - Conversation with Jack Morten og Scandinavian Pinball Factory

I would be very grateful if you subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my facebook page, DrainMorten 😊

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Drain Talk episode 5: Falling Down! is now out!

In this fifth episode I talk about what has happened the last months, what lies ahead in pinball norway and my buddy Tom joins to talk about big changes in the norwegian pinball rankings. We also discuss how the current IFPA rules for country exemption spots for the world championship is problematic and possible ways it can be improved. Lastly we taste beers coming all the way from Fulda, Germany. Hope you all enjoy this densely packed 30 minute episode!

2:04 - Drain Talk changes
4:20 - Travels: Austria and Borås Pinball Open
7:41 - Tournaments at our club and at Tilt
10:03 - Beer tasting
15:41 - Discussion about rankings and problems with IFPA’s world championship eligibility spots
24:34 - Whats happening ahead? XMas tournament, Fulda, Borås classic, Bergen open

Also available as audio/podcast:

Drain Talk Podcast:
Spotify: Spotify
Apple Music: ‎Drain Talk: Norwegian Pinball Adventures and Beer Tasting on Apple Podcasts