Does Pingolf Require Shared Machines?

We’re going to run a simple weeknight Pingolf event. Everyone plays five holes, and top four will play in a single-game playoff.

My question is if the players need to play the same five machines.

We have eight available to us. My idea is that we have a target score for all eight machines, and then we give the players a choice to play machines they think they can do well at. If I can allow all eight machines to be played (as opposed to five) it’ll also allow qualifying to move more quickly. It also hedges against a machine going down. If it does, too bad; go play something else.

I’m also toying around with the idea of a “mulligan”. Play six machines and we’ll drop your worst golf score.

Has anyone else done anything like this? Is there any problem with any of the above from an IFPA perspective?

Cannot confirm but I wouldn’t think this would be an issue. It’s basically Herb style with a bank of games using Pingolf for scoring instead. Sounds legit to me.

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Break the player field into 2 halves (groups), and then have each group of field play the same 4 of the 8 pins. Have the top X from each group advance to finals.

No problem as long as all the machines are at the same location.

We would only have a problem if it was something like this:

Course A → Joe’s Bar in Pittsburgh, PA
Course B → Phil’s Bar in Des Moines, IA
Course C → Jack’s Bar in Duluth, MN
Course D → Mike’s Bar in Los Angeles, CA

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