Do Tight Tilts Make You A Better Player


Experimenting along these lines has zero cost for people with an iPhone:

This won’t do as a solution for tournaments, where you’d want to monitor the data via wifi or bluetooth, but it’ll make for a good start to get some idea whether the idea has merit. I might try this out at home with different tilt settings and see what I can learn.


I put a nut above and below the leg on the leveler nice and tight. No wobble. Tilt is tight but fair. I only have one game this jacked up though.

Also aren’t there extra long levelers out there too?


Last time I checked, BAA had 4" levelers.

With 3" levelers, you can move the nut on the front legs from between the leveler and leg to above the leg. More often done to get the most pitch you can out of 3" levelers, but can also be used to keep a game from teetering.

No doubt accelerometers could work, but what’s been working for generations now is both cheap and ridiculously reliable (assuming the operator has a clue). Manufacturers should put (test) them on LE models, not likely to go on location. At least two lock stepped devices with error correction software please. LE buyers would appreciate the bling.