Division Average Leader (PAPA League Scoring)

Perhaps this would be better directed at Joe Schober, but I thought I would post it here in case someone else knows.

Does anyone know what “Division Average Leader” is and how it relates to division assignment / scoring? I’m confused as to how people are assigned to their divisions and given their order.

It looks like it’s divided by Division Average Leader first and then points. But how is Division Average Leader calculated? Tonight is week 6, so my understanding is that after tonight, the divisions are locked and you can no longer move between divisions.

But, at the end of Week 5, the divisions are calculated. So how does someone know how they have to perform to move up a division during Week 6?

Here is our league:


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It looks like “Division Average Ladder” and my guess is that it is the average spot that a person has sat in throughout the league.

This is the average spot you were placed all season. For instance, it looks like Nathan and Brian probably flip flopped from 1st and 2nd most of the season to get their 1.xx averages.

Yep, that’s a concept for leagues using FSPA rulesets. “Ladder position” is actually really simple to understand: the top player in group 1 is ladder 1. The second player in group 1 is ladder 2. The third player in group 1 is ladder 3. The first player in group 2 is ladder 4. And so on… the bottommost player in the last group will be ladder N, given N total players in league. Easy.

Division average ladder is the arithmetic average of a player’s ladder position over the course of a season, excluding the first two and last two meets. (We exclude the first two meets to allow normal group movement to compensate for any poor seeding by league officials at the start of the season. We exclude the last two meets so that players have a little time to be locked into a division in the home stretch when they’re fighting to get over the qualifying line.)

To assign players to divisions, everyone gets sorted by their division average ladder (closest to 1 at the top of the list), and (for your league size) the top third of the list goes into A Division, the middle third goes into B Division, and the bottom third goes into C Division.

All that formal explanation, while correct, makes it sound harder than it really is. Here’s our “player friendly” explanation in our Players Guide:

Generally, players who usually play in the top groups will be qualified for “A” division, while players in the lower groups qualify for “B” division. If there are enough players, there may also be a “C” division, with groups divided into thirds. Players with the most league points in each division at the end of the regular season move on to the playoffs, and there play only against players in the same division.

To your question about what someone has to do to move up a division in the last week: the easiest answer is simply “win your group”. That may or may not be enough to bump a player up a division, depending on their performance in the rest of the season, but that’s all a player can do.

Hope this helps!

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