Disrespectful Semi-Final Spectators


Tim Street should be known, I got into pinball here in GA about 4 years ago and at 13 he was already kicking everyone’s butt around here. He’s one of the nicest and most helpful players - ask him how to play just about any game and he’ll tell you. Anyone that doesn’t know his name certainly will as he is definitely going to be part of the face of pinball and I expect his name will be in whatever rafters PAPA has soon.


I was adjacent to your group on Friday evening… and I just wrote it off as usual stuff :smiley:


I’ve noticed it more over the years. Groups of people are deep in the bro-zone and are making social gatherings during finals more off-putting. - well at least for me. That behavior, unfortunately, is becoming more normal. : frowning:


Your…uh…clamorous reactions were part of the fun in watching that final!

I felt a bit bad after the tournament because my pals and I were a bit in our cups and excitable and we got a few dirty looks from people but I don’t think we were by any means being disrespectful.

I think it’s a fine line, deciding if pinball spectatorship should be rowdy or stay quiet.

Someone shared a darts final video on Steve Bowden’s page and that was some of the rowdiest crowd I’ve ever seen. For darts of all things.


To me, I loved seeing guys like Timothy Street making it to the final 8. Very excited for a new guy, and young one at that, making it. Shows everyone that anyone can do it! Good for pinball in my opinion. When I interviewed Tim, his excitement made me love a guy like that even more!


I can’t really speak about the crowd during the semis because I wasn’t there. But I can speak about Timmy Street. Tim started playing in our league(MCPL) when he was 10 years old with his dad Jeff in 2009. He was already beating most of the adults back then. I was better than him. Then as the years went by we were pretty equal. Now in league he beats me more than I beat him, so yes, he is better than me! Timmy is like Rain Man when it comes to rules knowledge. He can play a game once or twice and recite 97% of the rules right away. It’s amazing and unnatural. Now that his flipper and nudging skills are catching up to his game knowledge he is a force to be reckoned with. It looks quite possible that we will both make circuit finals this year. I hope I don’t have to play him but if I do, there’s nobody else I would rather get eliminated by than Tim!


When I beat Timmy, it’s still hard to feel good unless it’s because I just unloaded on the game. Otherwise I know he just had a bad game (like anyone can) and I didn’t really play him anywhere near his full potential. He can pretty much blow up anything with flippers.