Dialed In!

I seem to be underwhelmed as well, upon first impressions. Things could always change; after all, it is Pat Lawlor.


From the two images I’ve seen, it looks pretty cool to me. But I wish I had the play by play! Don’t wanna install a new app just to see that, though.

It looks like it has a lot of the Wizard Blocks ideas carried forward.

I don’t really understand how a player is supposed to control things with their phone while still playing the game. Things are busy enough already.

Oh, and this probably has some competitive consequences, once we find out what the heck it is :wink:


It’s too bad there’s nobody with extensive tournament experience in software at JJP!


haha, I knew this was going to be a fun thread :smiley:

Ah ok, watching the Periscope they explained it: at certain times the phone can be used to play the entire game. So, flipper buttons will be controlled remotely by the phone if it’s connected.

That explains how you would still play the game. Should be interesting to see how often and when it’s used and whether players will take advantage (a la Demo Man handles).

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I just got an email listing pricing and almost had a heart attack.

Limited Edition - $9,000
Collectors Edition - $12,500

There isn’t anything else outlining the difference other than the deposit amount.

And here I thought that my WoZ RR was expensive.

Disaster city? What,… That you jumped in the pool with your cell phone? That you ran out of data on your plan? Sigh. Was hoping for something much better in terms of theme. And I have no desire whatsoever to play a physical pinball machine using my cell phone.

But thankfully, there are plenty of great pins that shoot well and play well despite poor themes. And if anyone can pull that off, it would be the combo of Lawlor and Keefer.

They could’ve went one step further with this theme and made the phone a Note 7.


I’d describe the theme as: Sim City Disasters.

I played two games myself, and watched dozens of other people play it, and everyone seemed to love the game. It’s fast for a Lawlor game, it’s fast for a JJP game.

There are at least two modes where a camera takes pictures of you and displays them on the screen (which is like an “action news” disaster feed). People LOVED this feature. There were literally people taking pictures of the game taking pictures of the player.

The execution is much better than you’re all thinking.

As an operator, I was worried about an unlicensed theme. People are going to pick Spider-man and Game of Thrones over something they’ve never heard of. But I’m impressed. When you watch other people play this game, you want to play it yourself.


I think the bottom of the playfield says it best… TRUST US


Now here is the feature - from the good old times of pinball - that was costed out - that I have been wanting to see back with the resurgence of pinball.

The lower profile apron with the railing.

I just looks so much better than the what became the custom Stern solution. The cheaper material and construction is one thing. But just the aesthetics of it not going all the way up to the glass. Much much nicer.

I have actually been surprised that neither JJP nor Spooky nor Dutch - all leaning heavily on the Williams form factor - went for this design as well. Until now.

BTW, congratulation on what looks to be a very nice and interesting game.



Gameplay video


Hey that’s my buddy! Thanks for sharing. Also encouraged by what @ryanwanger said. Callouts and sounds are good and it seems nice and fast.

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Agreed, thanks to those sharing their first looks.

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I’m posting detailed stuff on Pinside here: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/dialed-in-is-awesome-yes-i-played-it/

@chuckwurt I’m always agreeing with the stuff you say, and we’re in a lot of the same threads. That means you’ll like it. Also, let’s meet in person someday!


Thanks again for sharing. Your post was about all anyone needs to read from that thread btw.

I need to get with you and 2step the next time I’m out in Denver! Likewise if you guys make it to shows back this way.


I’m not worried about how it plays or whether its an unlicensed theme. My worry comes from the fact it costs $9,000.

I’m priced out from ever owning the game.


Any detail on the difference between the two models? Did they say anything about any other models being released? Does it matter if I were to order direct vs through Pinballstar, or if they have any other US distributors?