Dialed In score display bug

In each of the last three competitive evenings, my Dialed In has gone into a state where the score just runs itself up into the millions without stopping until the ball is over. It appears to actually score correctly, but it’s essentially like playing with a blank score, because you have no idea what is happening.

I’m considering dropping this from competitions, as it has happened three weeks in a row now. Anyone seen this or know anything about it?

I could’ve sworn that was fixed in the latest code.

I’ve never seen that but could it be a flaky opto, like WOF ramp or Tron disc that scores over and over?

Sorry, I did not explain it well enough. This is only a display bug. Your score is maintained correctly…but you just won’t know what it is until your ball ends, at which point it displays your actual score.

Oh, this: “Fixed score display bug triggered by tilting in a multi-player game”?

I don’t think I upgraded to 1.52v. Usually one of my regulars will immediately tell me when there is an update. Guess I missed this one.

It’s a pretty fun bug though. As it happened to one player, I told him to keep playing to see what would happen. After he took a few shots and it didn’t change, he let the ball drain and then asked for a compensation ball. Hopefully he learned his lesson about following TD instructions. :slight_smile:

This should be fixed in 1.52. Please update (or if you are already running 1.52) and let me know if its not.


And oh, this is nice: “Added Status Report Start Time adjustment”.

I presume this solves the problem with trying to trap up so you can see the mode scoring tally screen, only to have the status quickly take over.

The crazy thing is that my tilt was not working for a while. This bug cropped up right after fixing it, so it seemed suddenly new to me. I didn’t make the connection till reading the 1.52 release notes.