Dialed In! Rulesheet (Wiki)

Six modes? Chaos In Quantum City?

In the next ball I had a chance to play CIQC – but when they call, this would be with a blue color-code.
Under Attack is green, Chaos is blue.
Do you think the explanation simply is a glitch here and that’s why I had gray?

Added info about the Quantum Theater Multiball mode.

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Nice! What are the jackpot and SJP values you’ve seen for this MB? I realize based on your description that the value is dependent on the feature scoring leading up to it… just looking for an estimate if you recall it.

Whoa what??? Was there a new code update? What version is this in?

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Not out yet. Scheduled for release after Expo.

I’ll give a quick rundown of the scoring changes for the next update (with it not officially released things could change still)

Bob Crazy Modes (essentially both updates bring all 3 crazy modes in line with a good play to 100K or so):

  • Selfie – switch hits 100 -> 1000 per switch
  • Emoji
    – Main hurry up for completion 40K -> 100K
    – Per Shot hurry up value 1000 to 50 -> 5000 to 500
  • Lottery was already around this range based on performance

Under Attack Multiball

  • Jackpots base value 2500 -> 3000
  • Jackpot value also includes an increase for Super Jackpots earned (this increment will continue into subsequent MBs) and Sim cards collected
  • Super Jackpots (max being the value given if the laser is in its final spot before hitting flipper, min is start of laser)
    • QED Super 6500 min to 10000 max -> 11500 to 15000
    • Theater Super 13250 to 20000 -> 23250 to 30000
    • Wrench Super 23000 to 40000 -> 43000 to 60000

Quantum Theater Multiball Scoring
10K - starting it

Jackpots - 500 base + inc (starts at 0 goes up by 100 to a max of 2k for every jackpot made) + ((spider held value + transit held value + kilowatt held value + drone held value) / 4 ) ** essentially the average of the 4 held values… the held value shown in status report not the bonus value that gets held over. the value you will get for the next spider squash etc

Super Jackpot - 25000 base + inc (0 goes up by 500 to 5k for every super jackpot made) + (spider spinner hit count * 1250 + kilowatt drop hit * 1250 + drone captive ball hit * 1250 + train door bash hit * 1250) * current return hold multiplier ( +1x for each skill shot held at the start max of 5x does not include hold bonus x as one)

QTMB can be very valuable but it takes work to really bust it open. But even just getting to it can be lucrative. Skill shots holding the 4 items can be very important now. Spending time to hit the features can also be very valuable now.

Some interesting side effects of it can give you possible double jackpot values on certain items. If you have High Voltage going and you get to QTMB then QED jackpots are basically giving double jackpots for each specific multiball. Same can be said about drones gone wild (drone target) and monkey wrench (made ramp shots past the diverter)

QTMB can be stacked with UAMB and any mode as well

I wrote this up quickly so there could be some errors but you get the general idea.

There is also a handful of scoring updates to Armageddon, Chaos (you can now collect sim cards during it), and some bug fixes in scoring in the modes.

Looking forward to seeing it be played with this new stuff competitively.

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Awesome! Love to see this game getting even more updates. Do you think you could make the theater modes themselves worth going for? Currently, I get very sad when I accidentally start train bash because it blocks my center shot, and doesn’t really give me any points. It would be great if I was incentivized heavily to actually play the mode (maybe beating a theater mode gives you a larger boost in the multiball jackpots? Maybe a completion bonus that is multiplied by SIM cards? more points per shot?)

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The Super jackpot value of QTMB depend on how well you do during something like Train bash.

The base value of the start of a hold rule as also been increased. from 1k to 2500. And if you add in the potential bumps you get from Super Skill shot or Super Duper Skill shot it increases it even further to start. You can come right out the gate and have like 7500 per bash hit added to bonus on your first to time train bash. I suspect you will notice a difference in the bonus you gets with these adjustments. The QTMB super jackpot also depending on how well you do during those theater modes will also add to that.

There is also a new High Score entry for highest QTMB Super Jackpot

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Just had a couple good games on the new code and I just have to say that the updates are awesome! I love the stackability of QTMB really changes how I’m trying to play through the game.

I think my favorite part of the change log is “ability to collect SIM cards in Chaos” :+1:

How did you find out the new code is out? Haven’t seen anything on Facebook…

Yeah that rules too. I saw it in the comments on JJP facebook post about Hobbit 3.00 code. I’ve been checking their fb page daily to make sure I didn’t miss it.

Just hammer their update site :smiley:

What’s the story with the phone screen going black? I’ve heard that it’s a known bug, but not by anyone reputable. The one I play on location suffers from this issue often and it’s always fixed by a power cycle, but it’s definitely a drag when it happens early in a 4 player match and everyone is going blind on their mode starts, etc.

Is this in fact a software issue or just a problem with this particular machine? Any info would be appreciated! @PinballKatz @keefer

I also wonder if anyone experienced a game crash after completing Armageddon. I made it there for the first time a few days ago, but it seemed like the game crashed after - what I presume - was the balls draining out after the mode ends. It never went into ball search, and apparently not even the tilt registered, but it was still playing music and the marquee at the bottom was still scrolling.

This happened to one of our Seattle players, he was super bummed as it was the first time he’d gotten there and then the game just locked up

Black screens are generally not software issues, no. There’s like nothing we can do to cause them to stop working. If one display had a software problem, all of them would be having it.

Okay thanks. Anything you know of that I can suggest to the op, or should he just go through general tech support?

@travam can provide details on his screen going dark experience. I believe it is a loose cable from hitting phone assembly which once the link is lost cant be restarted except by a game power cycle…

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I mean the best I can tell is when the phone screen gets hit sharply it turns off until a power cycle. I’ve tried a million things to get it to stop going black but still haven’t found a solution.

Still does it after replacing the whole screen assembly.