Demolition Man with "Demolition Time" firmware suitable for IFPA Event?

I purchased a Demolition Man pin last week and was surprised it had an aftermarket firmware installed called
"Demolition Time". . This adds some video modes and wizard modes etc. Has anyone used this firmware in an IFPA event and can recommend some changes to make this play like the original code?

Any suggestions are appreciated! thanks

It has some good ideas, but it’s buggy as hell. Not to mention the graphics are ugly as sin. I recommend not bothering with it.

A far better option for tournament play is to disable the claw, forcing players to go through the claw awards in order. The game also flows better without the claw, but that’s just a side effect.

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I’m going to be really ashamed of myself…

A pity Jim stopped development and left out some 120+ anims I did, but didn’t make it into the final code…

The movie captures just sucked. That’s why I volunteered to make new anims in the first place…

On topic: I had it running in a tournament - won’t do it again. Videomodes starting during multiball, etc. forget about it :wink:

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Sorry about insulting your work. I remember seeing some cool stuff that never made it into the ROM.

It was at least cool that Jim tried to make something from scratch rather than borrowing many ideas from the original code. And it was fun to play around with.

But, as you mention, not tournament ready by any stretch.

Never mind, I know it… :slight_smile: I had to much to do when I gave him the first batch, and by the time I was ready with the second, he stopped the project. No worries…

You can have a sneak peek what I was up to with his NGG 2.0 idea, which didn’t even boot up on the WPC-S platform: