Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


Back to I500…

Anyone have any confirmation on what triggers Secret Mode from the Green Flag? I believe it’s a replacement mode for the Multiball modes (Quick Pit, Turbo Boost). For Quick Pit it makes perfect sense, since the ball isn’t being stored in the Pit.


if I remember correctly - Quick Pit and Go for the Pole, but definitely not Turbo Boost


Weird - I had it overwrite Boost at Pinvasion in a qualifying game. Maybe it is random with exceptions?


I’ve never seen it do that.

I’ve always assumed that the idea is that it won’t start modes that only make sense to start via the right orbit VUK. And like @MET said, that’s QP and GftP.


I’m almost positive it caps at 250M. It would match the SDME JP cap and BTB JP cap.

Yeah I noticed this at some point. It wasn’t obvious at first because normally you can’t do ATM shots in multiball. I’m pretty sure I let it stay in on purpose. :wink:


On CftBL, in Unlimited Millions, the DMD shows ‘UNLIMTED’.

If you have OCD and can now never play CftBL ever again, I apologize.

(Edit: Okay, so this was more a shallow cut of utterly-useless pinball knowledge, I suppose.)


The real OCD-like complaint I have with it is it’s timed, therefore not “truly” unlimited. :wink:


This like how the awards in No Limit in No Fear actually cap out at 70M.


World Cup Soccer – Multiball Reset

Either you hit a ramp or hit the Final Draw to restart multiball. But…


what the what?!? i gotta try on my WCS94! :slight_smile:


It’s funny, it never even occurred to me this wasn’t well-known, lol.


I used to own a WCS94 and I had no idea.


Iron Maiden- during aces and mariner the orb will always add a ball. The level you are at 1-3 will determine how much ball save comes with it 5-15 seconds.

Maiden- while playfield X is active shooting the blinking X targets pauses the timer.

Secret skill shots- some are only available when plunging with the left flipper held in.

Loop jackpots, shooting mini loops during loop jackpot phase will add 3 seconds on to the timer.

Aces super jackpot- you can shatz the lock on phase of the fighter ace


Great nuance!! Thanks, Keith.


Just came across this gold mine of a thread! Wow! Keep 'em coming! :smiley:


Judge Dredd, if you reach Ultimate Challenge during multiball, then proceed to reach Ultimate Challenge by completing all the modes, it will relight over and over after you drain down to 1 ball.


Not rules, but I am putting it here anyone. The P3 has a new flipper skill! Being called the P3 pass (I don’t know who deserves credit for the name), if you flip as the ball approaches the flipper, it applies enough force to the lane guide to bounce the ball over to the opposite flipper.


Correct – but even worse is that I usually do this unintentionally to prepare for a traditional cradle. And the unintentional “pass” often ends up out of control.


Is that by design or something making contact that shouldn’t? Sounds awful


On TSPP, until you lock your first ball in the couch the garage will automatically re-open itself any time you drain down from the upper playfield via the monorail. This allows you to immediately shoot the garage again and collect another mystery award (assuming you hit the ‘Light Mystery’ target on the upper playfield). If the game is in tournament mode, the garage will always award “Light TV Mode” so you can take advantage of this to rapidly stack a number of TV modes with little risk at the beginning of a game.