Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


LOL you should try it during LITZ.






Is that stack Super frenzy->Multiball? Or Super frenzy->Multiball->Frenzy?

I though the prior was hardly worth the while (points wise) in itself because frenzy time is ticking down in Rudy bwarrrr.


Super frenzy -> frenzy -> multiball


Meant to add this one earlier, probably a bit more on the semi-useful rather than deep side.

Flash Gordon: Everyone knows that the center saucer kicks every other ball to the upper or lower playfield, so if you remember where it last kicked during a long ball you know where it’s going next. Did you know, however, that the playfield lights either strobe upward or downward before the kickout to indicate where the ball’s going?


Relight the kickback on LW3 by hitting two consecutive left orbits. Then hit the kickback target above the left outlane


On Rocky and Bullwinkle there is a wizard mode (sorta) when you complete all the left ramp modes. Many people time this mode out thinking it’s worth no points. A couple years ago I read that if you hit 10 ramps in this mode (which I’d never done) you get 50m which is a good amount in this game.

Last night I crushed this mode… I found you get ANOTHER 50m at some point (probably 20 ramps) and eventually I got a 75M award (I assume 30 ramps)

I also FINALLY got to see what happens when you reach 0AD. It goes to BC! I think I ended the mode at 1093BC.


50M is a good number but there are a lot easier ways to achieve it. The bigger problem is that if it is 10 ramps for 50M, there are better shot averages in other modes like Loopin’ and especially Spin and Win (12.5M average).

At every 10 ramps, concentrating on Save Nell is looking pretty good!


I wasn’t suggesting this is a good tourney strategy. In a tourney unless I was like 40m away from winning AND had that left ramp dialed in, I would still suggest timing out that mode. The problem is when you hit 9 ramps and brick the last shot off a stand up STDM. Then you get zero points for the mode and lose the ball.

Loopin starts at 2m a shot. If you alternate ramps quickly enough it will build by 1m each ramp. You can get it up to around 5-6m. Then you can loop the left ramp which will add time. I feel like this mode still eventually times out or there is a max number of ramps. So if you get it up to 5m and hit 10 ramps that’s… 2m+3+4+5+5+5+5+5+5+5 that’s 44m or 4.4m per ramp. But getting it up to 5m is the tough part. I won’t play that mode unless I can get it to at least 4m. And I think ignoring it altogether isn’t a bad idea. Spin and win is pretty quick and doesn’t add time for making shots. Plus the right ramp should be more difficult than the left. I’ve probably looped the right ramp 3-4 times during spin and win only a handful of times ever. But it can be very valuable so I usually do go for it.

And save nell should not be ignored. 25M for the first and 50M each additional. 80% of my shots from the left flipper and going towards those drops.


On Scared Stiff, when the Crate is lit to begin the Stiff-O-Meter mode, you can actually shoot the right ramp to collect the Web Value - but because the Spider Hole can’t be lit, you can loop the right ramp and collect the Web Value over and over.


But, do you get points for the web value - because I don’t think you do any other time?


In LOTR, Balrog can help collect Ring Frenzy jackpots or start modes a little easier. It’s more situational, as he must be out during Fellowship Multiball or Bash Balrog (which is usually disabled).

Hitting Balrog during Ring Frenzy cashes out the jackpot, as if you’d made a successful jump ramp/ring shot. During the grace period after Fellowship Multiball, bashing Balrog just before he swings out of the way starts a mode if lit. More riskier, but still a possibility. Just thought this was interesting when I discovered it.


Judge Dredd: if you start multiball during a mode (remember - modes are your bonus) - the mode resets after multiball… Including any progress you made pre-multiball. So if you’re really destroying a mode, try not to start multiball. Or if you’re not getting anywhere in it and you have MB ready, go for MB.


Just be careful not to do this with sniper of safe cracker after making a shot.


On TotAN, if the magnet does not snag the ball and suck it under the playfield during multiball start sequence, the multiball does not start. Draining will end your ball unless you’ve got ball save active for some reason.

Also on TotAN, if the outlane save fails to grab a ball during single ball play, the game compensates and serves up another. If it fails during multiball you’re SOL. I think this one’s a little better known.


If the same thing happens a second time, it will start the multiball though. At least on the one I play.


The extra spicy one. The Shooting star mech lifts the ball over the outlane switch -> hello fun with bonus.


Some discussion on the Pool Sharks jackpot reminded me, here’s how Police Force works:

During “build jackpot” every switch adds 200. This is a really ridiculous sucky amount. The real gain is shooting the hot sheet saucer (lit or not) adds 200K during build jackpot.


In High Roller Casino, the value for the Jackpots & Casino Jackpot in Casino Frenzy actually hold over throughout the game. For instance, if you got an 150 million Casino Jackpot during Casino Frenzy and proceeded to drain, the Casino Jackpot in the next Casino Frenzy would still be 175 million. I’m not sure where it caps out.

Also, one strategy I don’t see many people discuss is stacking Super Loops (the second award from Roll 'n Win) with Slot Machine Multiball. During Super Loops, the left and right orbits send the ball around and score the current ATM value. However, in Multiball, it is possible to get credit for both the left and right orbit with a shot to one of the orbits if Super Loops is active. You can also do this with Casino Frenzy & Break the Bank.