Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


That explains it. nice. I always thought this was a bug that the game thought I had just spelled MAP.


A semi-useful thing I don’t often see people take advantage of: Inlane switches usually aren’t debounced, so when a ramp drops the ball onto an inlane switch, quickly changing lanes will register multiple hits.


This works on Firepower really well . . . you can often get 2 FIRE lanes off the plunge by chattering the flipper as the ball passes through the lanes up top.


This game I have seen set like, 4 different ways in tournaments and each has it’s own quirks to consider. As the proud owner of one, here is the list of considerations:


  • Lights on ANY 3 bank completion
  • Lights on POWER bank completion
  • Lights on 1-6 completion
  • Lights on 1-3/4-6 completion


  • Starts at 10k or 5k?
  • FIREPOWER value retained or not at end of ball?
  • Special lit at 30k or 50k collect?
  • 1 alternating or 2 solidly lit specials?
  • Is Special worth EB, points, or nothing?


  • 1 or 2 locks lit per 1-6 completion on first multiball?
  • Does game have lock memory between balls?


  • Is Extra Ball on?
  • Is Extra Ball lit at 5x or after collecting a set of FIRE lanes after lighting 5x?


Here are the 16 Unique Combos in X-Men, and the base values for collecting the unique combo:

Beast->Rogue = Beauty & The Beast (425,000)
Beast->Storm = Meteorology (425,000)
Beast->Xavier = Sharp Minds (475,000)
Beast->Wolverine = Savage Animals (325,000)
Cyclops->Rogue = Power Drain (375,000)
Cyclops->Storm = Gold+Blue Leaders (375,000)
Cyclops->Xavier = Teacher’s Pet (375,000)
Cyclops->Wolverine = Rivals (325,000)
Iceman->Beast = Angry Yeti (375,000)
Iceman->Xavier = Brain Freeze (375,000)
Storm->Iceman = Hailstorm (375,000)
Xavier->Cyclops->Storm->Wolverine = X-Men Leaders (975,000)
(Storm/Xavier->)Phoenix->Iceman = Fire & Ice (400,000)
(Storm/Xavier->)Phoenix->Wolverine = Unrequited Love (400,000)
(Storm/Xavier->)Phoenix->Cyclops->Wolverine = Lover’s Triangle (775,000)
(Storm/Xavier->)Phoenix->Cyclops->Xavier->Iceman->Beast = Original X-Men (1,225,000)

There is a bug? where Phoenix is unable to start a combo, so you have to start with Storm or Xavier to get the combo arrows flashing for any Phoenix combo.

Non-unique and already-collected unique combos start at 125,000. Collecting a unique combo raises the base value of all combos by 50,000.

Collecting 10 Unique Combos lights EB.


Interesting “x Tron Completed” bonus award I found in Tron:


how many zen switches did it take to do that?


So the details are:

  1. Zen switches stack
  2. In order to take advantage of Zen you must hit a flashing tron target, and that will give you all the tron targets
  3. If you stack like 4 Zen triggers, you can then start Double scoring, Spinners, and Bumpers right after another really quickly. With the 4th Zen trigger still there, attempting to start a tron mode when all 3 are already running gives you this 1 million “X Tron Completed” bonus (which is probably doubled because of double scoring, so technically it’s 500k?)


It should play the Whirlwind 3-way combo siren since it’s up there in being incredibly challenging to pull off, and worth nothing near what it should be worth :slight_smile:


Head to Head ImpossiGoal ™ ?


I love Whirlwind’s 3-way combo siren so much. It’s worth more than any number of points. :smile:


Along with the acompanied feeling of transcendence.


Hey please turn the Whirlwind siren into the Wilhelm Scream of pinball ok :slight_smile:


“Move your car”


I was streaming funhouse tonight. I started the steps frenzy, then while that was running, started the mystery mirror super frenzy. Do they run together or does the super frenzy override the normal one? So am I only getting 100k a switch or 150k a switch? Seemed like super frenzy was the only one running.


100k a switch…but you do get the bonus time!


Right it basically converts your remaining Frenzy time into more Super Frenzy time (12 sec Frenzy -> 32 sec Super Frenzy). You can also extend Super Frenzy the same way.


On Twilight Zone, the autoplunger feed will count The Spiral mode shots if the ball goes all the way around to the upper left flipper. Extremely useful in Powerball Mania since you have a ball save and a straight down the middle feed.


Thanks. So stacking both with MB is still a better thing to do than just stacking one with it. Got it. Love that stack. Super rewarding when pulled off.


Very heavy risk-reward, yeah, but this pays off big-time in multiball because of all the timer-stopping effects. I ran out a Super Frenzy for over 10 million once with this stack.