Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


Only in bonus.


That might explain why it worked when I gave my friend a free 5M. :joy:


Creature from the Black Lagoon pretzel ball save?

I was playing CFTBL on location last night and received the pretzel as the Snack Bar menu item. For some reason I didn’t choking fatality past it like I usually do (Give me the millions!) and a brief ball saver appeared to come on. I promptly and inadvertently drained and the ball saver worked. When my friend was awarded the pretzel later in the game I looked over and she had a ball save light on too. Is this a real thing? Does the pretzel have actual value? Does it work in competition settings?


Wait does the choking fatality award more points?


Not sure if this one has been stated, but can be super handy:
Always light flying rocks before starting the Atlanta mode in Road show. It allows you to shoot flying rocks, plunge the first hole for 5x blast value, and if you mini flip into the blast zone you can collect a 5x 30 mil = 150 mil Atlanta value


… Style points.


Congo- Starting Ghost Tribe MB (Jungle Jackpot) will make Volcano multiball harder for the rest of the game by causing the diverter to always divert to the left flipper rather than giving you 3 consecutive ramp shots to begin. So always try to do at least 1 Volcano MB before starting Jungle Jackpot.


I always wondered about this. Solid knowledge share.


Today on TZ, I hit left orbit and immediately comboed into hitchhiker shot, and I thought I saw the DMD say that it was a triple hitchhiker collect. Is that true? I presume that meant I was awarded 3 hitchhikers. Are there other ways to collect multiple hitchhikers?


That’s correct, you get 3 hitchhikers for the left orbit -> Hitchhiker combo, including an appropriate graphic. That’s the only way I know of to get multiple hitchhikers at once.


Similar to what keith said, on GOT, good luck getting back to Wall MB a second time. It not only takes 10 turns of the wheel, the controlled gates stay open on all orbit shots.

I guess doing this on a premium wouldn’t be too bad since it’s qualified at the kickback.


To clarify, you can force the ball search by post passing or rattling the ball on the flipper, but when working properly the game will not ball search by merely cradling.



You can collect Rats values above ~100M. iirc If you time out rats and don’t collect, the values of previous rats modes will then stack to subsequent rats modes. - Giving a larger base value that can then be multiplied in muti-multiball for some rad payoffs.



Restart a BSD game during 3X multiball scoring (hold in start button). The newly started game will now be in permanent 3X, and can be multiplied to 9X. Location buster!


Sometimes I wonder how people first discover something - this is one of those times. Who was the person who first restarted BSD during the ultimate achievement?


Double drain, ball 3, during 3x multiball. Restarted game before balls hit the trough -> Pleasant surprise for me :slight_smile:


That’s been fixed in the tournament romset. (As it has been in the Doctor Who one, as well, which shares the same bug)


I was reminded of this during a tournament last night…

On Judge Dredd, weird things can happen if you start multiball while you’re in the middle of safe cracker or sniper. The game will let you stack modes and lock you out of jackpots. So if you’re counting on racking up some jackpots, finish your mode or let it time out before you hit that third lock!


I believe this ballsaver is lit after completing the snackbar targets, and I’m pretty sure it’s even mentioned in the rulesheet. Who knows why, though.

…other than the camera… :wink:

It seems like when TZs were first new, on most of them you could just hold up the UR flipper and a left orbit shot would naturally zip up there for the triple collect. I also feel like I haven’t been able to do this for years.


Please tell me you can’t do this again for 27x…