Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


On Austin Powers, starting the Shag Hurry Up, completing the bottom lanes for a second time, if the last letter is gotten by either outlane you will get the ball back.

On Revenge from Mars, if you are in Alien Abduction, you can use the secondary flipper buttons to change the value of the small saucer hurry ups as long as the hurry up has not started yet.


Probably known by everyone else but me - until this weekend

During Monsters of Rock a shot up the centre/spinner lane awards the leftmost unlit monster helping progress to the jackpot.



When playing Deuce an unlit shot just to the left of the lit shots also counts as a mode shot.


On CFTBL, right after you light the I letter for hitting the all the standups or scoop enough times for the snackbar, you can hit both flipper buttons to blow up the snack bar. This is supposed to increase your likelihood of getting better rewards from the snackbar but I’m not sure if that’s true when it’s in tournament mode.


On CFTBL, the order in which you lit FILM letters is not remembered from ball to ball. If you start a ball with leading letters lit (F, F-I, or F-I-L), even if you spelled those out of order, you can complete the remaining letters in order and get the 8mil Sequential FILM award.

Enjoy the FLIM!


maybe everyone already knows this…

Black Hole: when you return from the lower playfield successfully, the re-entry gate remains open for about 5 seconds. if you shoot down to the basment again during this grace period, the gate stays open for that trip. it changes the basement shot from a risky shot to a safe one.

(this is also true of multiball – once opened, the gate remains open as long as there is more than one ball in play, making it the best/safest shot on the game during multiball)


Hitting any upper playfield pop bumper closes the gate. It’s not timed. Someone could skillfully return to the lower playfield over and over, in theory.


thanks for the clarification!


After Terminus on TWD, multikills are worth 1/10 of whatever your final Terminus score is even if you just did Horde before Terminus. So always try to do Terminus with 2x scoring, so that you have really high value multikills.


And, as we discovered this weekend, this also happens on Johnny Mnemonic if you have the claw disabled, shoot the last lock, and drain while the multiball animation is running.


Ugh, I’ve seen all sorts of issues on Johnny Mnemonic with the glove disabled. For those who don’t know, it locks balls on lock shots normally feeding the VUK, and starts modes in the Crazy Bob’s hole. I played it that way for some time as I was trying to get the glove to work in PinMAME with a P-ROC board in place of the WPC controller. Was not successful since the emulated ROM couldn’t cope with the additional P-ROC latency between driving the glove motors and getting rotary encoder feedback.

Anyway, in addition to losing a multiball due to a fast lock 3 to drain, I’ve also had a ball search during video mode end the ball prematurely. If playing with a disabled glove, I now make sure I’m hitting the flipper buttons often enough to avoid that outcome. I thought there were some other quirks, but it’s been at least a year since I’ve played it that way.

And unlike Demolition Man where playing with the claw disabled is still quite fun, a disabled glove on JM means playing Video Mode as your first matrix award in every game, in addition to the other bugs you must deal with.


Yeah they saw this one too.


I’m not totally sure why or how this happens, but on Fire! If you trap up and wait for 3-5 secs, the ladder will sometimes raise. Shoot the ladder for a free lock.


Sure that’s not the ball search?


Do system 11As ball search with a flipper held up?

It’s been awhile since I’ve played a Fire! but I seem to recall the one we had would raise the ramp up what I thought was randomly.


I thought it was ball search at first, but it’s not consistent at all. And it’s not just my game. Played two others that behaved the same way.


The ones that I’ve owned shouldn’t, but all of them had bad switches so it would still happen. It’s bad enough that I’ve seen multiple references to raising the ramp in Jokerz by cradling the ball being an illegal move…


It came up a couple times at NWPC but I couldn’t ever tell if on Johnny Mnemonic if you already have super spinner running when you start frenzy do you still get super spinner scoring while frenzy is running?


I don’t believe so. I find Frenzy to be generally evil on Johnny; it locks out most other things, and just isn’t worth that much on its own.


Got a replay on Twilight Zone? Hit both flippers before the slot machine “REPLAY” animation locks in the reels. Free 5M.