Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge


Very cool. But I guess it’s difficult to intentionally take advantage of this, because the drops reset rather quickly on a timer during MB, correct?


Now that I’ve been focusing more on jackpots in MB – pending the state of the reactor of course – it feels like I’ll have at least one drop down at the end of MB slightly more often than not. I think the timer for the first one isn’t super quick, but they get progressively quicker. It’s not super unusual to be starting 1-ball play with 2 drops already down – maybe 10% of the time if I had to guess.


Note that this times out, as I found out the hard way at a tournament yesterday :confused:


What times out, the Lil Deadpool ball lock? What happens, it lowers the drop targets and you just lose the opportunity to play Lil Deadpool MB?


Once Lil Deadpool mb hurryup runs out, it releases the locked ball into play (with lowest jackpot value) and you’ve lost your chance to start a battle.


I wish :frowning: I’d rather have the mode. As @misterchu says though, you lose the chance at the mode, and get an even more worthless MB instead


Use it to light Booms, collect weapons, and/or go for SNKKT multipliers. Any time you can focus on those with the safety of Multiball is time not completely wasted. :slightly_smiling_face:





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Already posted the same link over in the Star Wars rulesheet wiki thread. :slight_smile:


During the Super Jackpot collect sequence on Munsters, induce a tilt warning to pay out the Super Jackpot without having to go through the build up fanfare.


On TWD, at the beginning of Well Walker MB, let all balls drain as long as the ball saver is running. You need a certain number of switch hits to light the super JP and the pops (where auto-plunge sends the balls) is the quickest place to collect those switch hits. Once the big dude starts flashing, hit him and collect your super. Display shows how many more switch hits are required to light super.

Showed this to a bunch of folks at league recently and some were a little surprised that intentionally letting balls drain might be a good strategy. The Avatar wiz mode is another mode where draining early is good.


Indy 500 Multiball start (as long as you have ball save) too!


Except that’s actually the best part of the game. :joy:


Glass off, I admit it, but still :]


Explain por favor?


Also helps immensely when you stack wall and winter has come in GOT. Haha


Since both balls kick out of the Turbo at the same time, draining them for shooter lane plunges can give you more control over the Multiball (assuming you have ball save).


I guess I would disagree. The choices in this instance are to attempt shots from a right inlane feed at the start of multiball, or let those balls drain and… then attempt shots from a right inlane feed? And then with less ball save time? The minor advantage of taking those shots with the balls not coming down the inlane successively seems like a questionable trade off.