Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge

I didn’t even know shot multipliers existed. Haha

There’s a bit of strategy when it comes to those, too, especially when it comes to trying to multiply the valuable side ramp shot. I like putting my 2x on the left orbit, and then putting my 3x on the side ramp.

I’m having trouble parsing exactly how this works. You qualify your modes and every shot is flashing for 2X, but in order to start/progress/complete the mode and light 3X, you need to hit some of those shots. Or if you finish a mode, all shots are flashing for 3X but you still need to hit some of those shots to qualify your next mode and get 2X shots flashing. Does this deep cut specifically apply to cases where you’ve already multiplied some shots, so you could use those already-lit shots to qualify/complete the mode, then hit still-flashing shots for 3X and 2X?

You already played a mode and have 2x on the left orbit from that mode. You then qualify another mode (Bonesaw) and start it on the left orbit. Since there is already 2x on the left orbit, your 2x will still be available. You finish Bonesaw exclusively from left orbits. Your 3x will now be available without having used up your 2x.

I don’t think it’s possible without already having multiplied shots, since you have to hit an orbit to start a mode.


More to the point: you could have other shots with 2x’s from previous modes. Bonesaw/Electro is probably the most likely example though since it’s a one-shot (repeatedly) mode. Then there’s Jack O’Lantern/New Goblin with the left/right ramps.

On Flight 2000, if you have your multiball ready to start and you hit 5-4-3 down in order for the next sequence collection and then start multiball, you will not get the 40k spot lit until you drop 2-1. Normally if you are on 5, 4, or 3 it will light directly upon starting multiball.

Lethal Weapon 3 - During the uzi modes, if you start firing the gun right when the voice call “Now!” is heard and the red light above the plunger is flashing, you’ll score more points than you would if you had started shooting earlier.

No Good Gofers: Quite a bit.

  1. If you make a Hole in One, machine may vary on response. Some will send the ball into the bumpers. Others have Buzz throwing the ball back to you: “Here, EAT THIS!” …hitting it right back where it came from prompts this response: “Tough guy!”

  2. You can bank the ball off a Cart target and into the Hole in One for a unique animation. Buzz will quote on this.

  1. Some machines also vary based on Wheel Awards activated or modes active. If the Wheel Award is Gofer Attack, Cart Attack, or Ripoff, the game can fling the ball to the flippers. Some modes also have this behavior active until that mode ends. Multiball also exhibits this behavior.

This is operator adjustable: last feature adjustment “kick down middle” - set to ON to get the “eat this” throwbacks. I set mine to this - the kickout consistently makes the tip of the right flipper so no problem. I expect many games would instead send it SDTM, hence the default to OFF

Corvette - The “puzzle challenge” mode where you have to collect all the puzzle pieces to reveal the 1997 Corvette model actually carries over between balls, so if you drain and you have balls remaining, it will continue from where you left off. As far as I know, this is the first mode in pinball to actively carry over between balls (think Iron Throne from GOT or Lightsaber Duel from Stern Star Wars).

Depending on how you define a ‘mode’… Jungle Lord has ‘Double Trouble’ which carries over between balls once you start it.

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Creature has one I deem buggy. Pop hits to light Super jackpot during multiball carries to next multilball. But on same ball only. And has an underflow harzard (long nose for the player). 255 hits to light… Bah.

I am sure the @keefer encyclopedia has info on a few more.

Definitely sounds more like a bug than a feature to me.

Haha, I can easily guess what this might be.

On normal operation, you get to the bumper part, and some variable has # of hits left. You hit a bumper, it decrements the count, then checks if it’s 0. If it’s 0, then either set some other flag or change multiball state so that multiball knows we’re in collect super state now.

Not knowing anything about it before now, I’m going to assume that you drain out of multiball with the super lit (the horror). Since the game probably goes into bumper hit state after the jackpot, and it hasn’t reset the bumper count (like it SHOULD) and relies on the bumper count going down to see if it needs to switch states (instead of checking DYNAMICALLY), the first decrement underflows the counter to 255 and you’re screwed. I would bet pretty good money on this scenario being the actual case.

Another fun CFTBL bug is to lock a ball for multiball, plunge into a non-working PAID lane, then drain. Ball never kicks out until ball search IIRC (relies on a PAID lane or presumably the full plunge) and multiball rules never start. But, bye multiball!


This is confirmed. Same for a full plunge, left lane return switch is not registering, slingshot, outhole.

This is unfortunetly not easily fixable. Fixes may introduce exploits (push the problem to another one). Like starting multilball (release locked ball) with a ball in the shooter lane. Or the possibillity of playing for other game objectives (loop ramps). Knowing that a drain will ball-save you back into it.

Auto plungers to the rescue.

Just make sure your game works. And have a sensible rulebook ready in competitions.


does it do any thing after the game flags the switch bad and turns on the credit dot?

And be ready with an 100% same judge with maybe video review / fixed game judge for the games with issues.

Forget the credit dot and faulty switch compensation. This debacle may incounter the first time the switch fails.

Multilball is programmed to start phase two (after the intro sequence) when the shooter lane ball activates either of PAID or the full plunge return lane. If ball goes past these without register, and drain with no furhter switch hits, ball is reserved. If other switches hit, game goes to ball-in-play without serving the locked ball (error state one). On drain, the games goes to end-of-ball and serves the locked ball (super error state two).

These multiball starts when ball is plunged type rules are sensitive to switch problems one way or the other. No solid solution. Not when without an auto plunger. Tomorrow I will look into how Dr Dude is going about it.

•Fishtales- Fast cast starts at 2 million and increases by 1 million every time you do it. Maxes out at 9 million.

• Completing the top lanes relights the fish finder on right inlane.

• Each completion of the fish target banks during mb adds a million to the jackpot. (Definitely not worth it)

• If a ball comes out of the casters club in Single ball play goes right down without hitting any other switches it will give u the ball back.

• You can NOT double your supers

• After 7x bouns, each lane completion awards 5 million, and goes up by 5 million to a max of either 15 or 20 million per lane completion.

•It is possible not to collect your bonus even if it shows your bonus. Mabye @cayle can go in deeper about this.

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Some guy who wrote a rulesheet on the game over 25 years ago says it maxes at 10M. :wink:

Also, LIE lanes remove the lowest-lit Stretch the Truth lamp, too, making tales more valuable on average.

20M. Also, hold bonus saves your lane completion bonus progress, too.


:smiley: “Some guy,” eh?