Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge

In TZ, when you have a ball on the upper playfield during powerball mania, you can trigger a jackpot by shooting under the upper left flipper. (And then you can still score the jackpot with the ball already on the upper playfield, so back to back 50m shots without needing to relight).

A lot of people know this. I just discovered for the first time last night that you can do the same trick with the Dead End shot, as it will also register a Powerball Mania JP when you have a ball on the upper playfield.

Maybe someday I’ll try to go for the trifecta: one under mini flipper, one in Dead End, and one via the upper playfield.


If I remember correctly hard is the way to go. The game should also be set to hard to light mode and don’t spot bullets in the left ramp.


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There’s another variation of this. During normal multiball, if you shoot one ball into the piano and then quickly jam another one into the slot machine, you will get “JACKPOT DOUBLED BY POWERBALL”. When the game sees a ball at the piano and then one at the slot without triggering the prox in between, it assumes you used the powerball. Saw this happen at Pinburgh finals a couple years ago.


Acdc. No one goes for the triple MB, but if you do, there’s a cool feature I didn’t know about.

There’s a triple MB jackpot that lights at the bell after you collect one of each type of JP. Seems to be the value of the three jackpots combined and then some. You can definitely increase it. Maybe more JPs before hitting the bell. I was getting over 3mm for these before multipliers. Pretty good if you ask me.


Well, there’s one important thing: You have to hit the opto at the top (preferably without the ball going in) for any of those to register as Powerfield Jackpots.

There’s another case that scores, too. Balls ejected from the Gumball machine.

There is/was a situation that would cause a ball to get ejected early at the start of LITZ. I don’t remember what did it, but if it happens, get that ball up the right ramp immediately and trigger that top opto because every ball out of the Gumball will be JACKPOT… JACKPOT… JACKPOT.


These are on 1.4 ROMs with stacking enabled (not the home ROMs).

If Strike an Arc is one shot away, then it won’t start because Join the Cirqus cuts it off. Instead, the next ramp shot made after Join the Cirqus ends will start Strike an Arc.

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No Good Gofers:

  • Even if the Gofers just went into their holes, you can make a shot towards either ramp shortly after and either Bud or Buzz will taunt you. If you hit them during this time, the other Gofer will comment on the situation (ie. if you manage to hit Bud, Buzz will pop up and tell you about how he’s the only one who can hit him). You can hit the other Gofer during this period and quickly lower your total strokes by 2 instead of 1.
  • If you manage to score a Hole in One off of the golf cart, and the cart shot is the one that will start Cart Attack (ie. every 3, 18, etc. hits), all scoring during Cart Attack will be doubled! This is a quick way to earn lots of points early on but considering how rare a rebound off of the golf cart into Hole in One is, don’t count on it…
  • Speed Golf is the only cart award that can’t be stacked with anything else, likely because of how lucrative it is. If you make the final cart hit required to start Speed Golf during Multiball, it’ll simply be skipped with no compensation, so try and avoid hitting the cart until you’re back in single ball play.

Balls in the normal multiball lock always get released about 10 seconds before the gumball machine is emptied (about halfway through the intro display effect). You basically get one shot at it.


Some interesting rules with the “Wheel Values” in Safecracker that most people wouldn’t realize unless they used the awards in very specific circumstances:

  • “Light Lock” typically spots all of the drop targets required to light the Lock at the ramp. However, if Lock is already lit when the award has been collected, it’ll virtually lock a ball for you. If you’ve already locked 2 balls and then collected “Light Lock” again, it will allow you instantly enter the board game through the main entrance. This can be helpful later on when you have to make shots to the dangerous left drop targets to light additional entrances.
  • “Call Guard” either allows you to enter the board game through the main entrance or awards $100k. The chances of entering the board game are weighted severely higher at the start of the game compared to later. Along with this, if you collect “Call Guard” while the Alarm hurry-up is active, it’ll always award $100k. Don’t waste it!
  • “Light Deposit Window” is a random award, equivalent to making the lit Teller shot. TNT Multiball can be awarded from the Deposit Window, and if it’s awarded to you during an Alarm hurry-up, the hurry-up will temporarily end and restart once TNT Multiball has ended. You could potentially get two TNT Multiballs in a row if this happens! Also, “Blender” is worth $50k, not nothing like you think it would be.
  • “Disable Computer” supposedly affects only the timer until Sudden Death and nothing else, but this is false; activating this award during any timed mode (ie. Alarm hurry-up, Explosives, etc.) will freeze the timer for the mode ALONG with the ball save timer. Along with this, if you happen to collect this award WHILE the computer is disabled, 20 seconds will be added to the frozen timer.

Two things I’ve found out about in Bowen’s World Cup Soccer tutorial: an exclamation point bonus in Big Goal Round (getting all three goals in 3 seconds, which gives a fourth shot worth 60M) and a Striker’s Revenge TV mode. No idea both existed, but haven’t gotten both yet.

Three goals in three seconds? That doesn’t seem physically possible.

Shadow, WCS and Corvette have joined the ring…:sweat_smile: #swedendreamlineupforpresident

Sounds like video mode in GoT :smiley:

doesn’t the timer pause once the ball is in the net?

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It is possible to get 3 goals in 3 seconds. I’ve done it and my son’s done it (with 19 still on the clock!)

Must be some serious timer pausing at work. I’d expect the timer to pause while the ball is held in the VUK, but the remaining ball travel— scoop -> flipper, 3x flipper-> net + VUK -> flipper— is hard to imagine happening in three seconds of actual time.

On Star Trek The Next Generation, if you select a Mission through Command Decision and you’ve already collected all of the available Artifacts in six of the seven Missions, you will be forced to play the one mission you haven’t played yet instead of being able to choose one yourself. If you’ve collected all of the Artifacts, then you will be forced into choosing Final Frontier if Command Decision is shot.

Just tried this (successfully) for the first time this past weekend. So cool. thanks for sharing it!