Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge

I’ve had that happen on Xenon before.

Deadpool also falls victim to ball lock mismanagement in Lil Deadpool MB. Shooting the scoop for add-a-ball and then locking the ball for Super JP before the add-a-Ball animation finishes will add 2 balls into play!


In Demolition Man, the time it takes for a ball shot into the ‘Underground’/Computer to register is long enough to take a secret jackpot. Instead of taking the secret jackpot immediately when the first multiball starts, wait until you successfully shoot the Underground with one of the balls autoplunged to the upper flipper, and then quickly take your secret jackpot, which will collect the center ramp jackpot, lighting the Underground jackpot to be immediately collected. If you miss the Underground shot, you’ll need to shoot the center ramp anyway to feed the upper flipper, so no need to use your secret on it


Learned that demo man trick from @seedees years ago and have been using it ever since! Very handy

Yeah that’s a good one. It’s like the move I like to pull in AC/DC playing TNT. When the dangerous center target is lit, shoot a ramp, hit VIP, and spot the center target then immediately lock in the hurry up value on all shots.


In TSPP, there are awards if you complete several running hurry-ups at once. One of them I believe is Light Itchy (& Scratchy).

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Yep. The total number of hurry ups determines what happens when you finish the last one.

1 or 2 hurry ups: nothing
3 hurry ups: Advance Itchy (open targets or count lock … can’t remember if either of these is willing to start the multiball, but I think they are)
4 hurry ups: Advance Couch (score 1 lock)
5 hurry ups: Light EB
6 hurry ups: Light Special


In Banzai Run, it’s well known that completing the three “ABC” standup targets on Banzai Hill will double the value of the next Cycle Jump. But did you know that you can also double the value by shooting the captive ball, and then making the Cycle Jump? It’s true! And really impractical because you’re more likely to drain, but still, it’s an option.


2 is “max something” IIRC. Things like ramp value, chalkboard value, etc. Never got a display effect to display that, though. Of course, they’re all pretty stealth as-is.

And light extra ball when jackpot is lit!

Never noticed since I never shoot for it, heh. Good catch, though.

Also, for fun and profit, catch the ball after the jackpot and continue to shoot the captive ball for victory laps!


On Cirqus Voltaire, there’s a feature at the ramp called “Spot Marvel” that instantly collects one of the 9 Marvels required to qualify Join the Cirqus. Most of the time, Spot Marvel will simply give you credit for having completed the marvel without awarding anything else. However, a few marvels have different rules when it comes to this:

  • The Boom Balloon marvel will also raise the Boom Balloon for the standard amount of time.
  • The Acrobats marvel will also qualify Acrobat Spins at the orbits.
  • If Highwire Multiball is the last marvel required to qualify Join the Cirqus, and the Spot Marvel shot that collects it is also the third lock for Highwire Multiball, an interesting thing happens: the game will display the Highwire Multiball intro animation, but only release one ball and allow you to start Join the Cirqus. After the mode ends, you can start Highwire Multiball and collect it’s marvel with just one shot! This is particularly useful later on when it becomes harder to light the Locks.

Another fact: most features can’t be stacked with Ringmaster Battle, due to how lucrative of a mode it is. But there’s one exception, and that’s the Side Show modes! Specifically, Go for the Hat Trick and Popcorn Mania. The former is actually a really bad idea because it’ll prevent you from making shots to the Ringmaster during Ringmaster Battle, but the latter might be worth the time and effort. Considering it’s a random award though, don’t be surprised if it just gives you “Big Points” instead…


what happens if you have stike an ark 1 away as well? and what rom? with what stacking setting?

This is not completely true, it is actually +1 and +2 base multiplier (from rollover lanes). Max is 5x for a nice 250m ransom…times a 5x playfield promotion for the 1.250b actual max ransom value.

Deep cut may be that you can do a right ramp - warehouse for a free jackpot if the ball trickles out of the gun during multiball start. Pull the gun during ball save for a free skill shot if you missed the first one.

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Aha! That makes sense. I didn’t test the Triple Triple but it sounds like it would just be 5x… not quite as busted but still cool!

Dirty Harry is the coolest game :grinning:
Forgot to mention the most important deep cut, tilt for an extra badge.



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Is that why multiball is usually set to hard for tournaments? Same bug as TAF?

In TZ, when you have a ball on the upper playfield during powerball mania, you can trigger a jackpot by shooting under the upper left flipper. (And then you can still score the jackpot with the ball already on the upper playfield, so back to back 50m shots without needing to relight).

A lot of people know this. I just discovered for the first time last night that you can do the same trick with the Dead End shot, as it will also register a Powerball Mania JP when you have a ball on the upper playfield.

Maybe someday I’ll try to go for the trifecta: one under mini flipper, one in Dead End, and one via the upper playfield.


If I remember correctly hard is the way to go. The game should also be set to hard to light mode and don’t spot bullets in the left ramp.


Sooooo . . . tell me your thoughts on Indy 500. Asking for a friend :slight_smile:


There’s another variation of this. During normal multiball, if you shoot one ball into the piano and then quickly jam another one into the slot machine, you will get “JACKPOT DOUBLED BY POWERBALL”. When the game sees a ball at the piano and then one at the slot without triggering the prox in between, it assumes you used the powerball. Saw this happen at Pinburgh finals a couple years ago.