Deadpool Rulesheet

I’m not getting an extra ball lit when completing both quests. Is this a setting or old code?
Started Megakrakaladonus Rex in two games and only ever got the extra ball for collecting weapons none for completing both quests. If I know that it’s old code I can contact the operator and he will update.

from the game code readmes, extra ball from quests was added in .95, megakrakaladonus was added in 1.0.

Game adjustments might be set to one EB maximum per game?

I stopped getting EBs from the Quests in a ROM-release. Can’t remember which one, exactly. It happened on both the Deadpools I’ve been playing.

I believe this was changed in the code without any notice in the readme.

Oh … EDIT: I posted this in a question a while ago:

BOOM button question: do earned and unused Booms from one ball carryover to the next ball? Or do you lose earned and unused Booms when you drain?

My local Deadpool carries BOOMs over, but it’s still on v0.81.0, so I don’t know if that was ever changed.

I believe BOOMs reset when in competition/tournament mode.

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Feature or a bug?


Hope your spinner is oiled.


That’s a lotta spins!!!,294,967,295

Looks like an underrun. You’re 32 spins into oblivion… good luck :slight_smile:

Maybe the game acknowledged it’s time to move on from the Disco era?

Disclaimer: part of me wishes it never ended, despite not existing during said era.


There is ANOTHER Skill Shot out there that I just discovered. If you plunge to the left flipper, shoot the right orbit, and then make the Snikt shot - NOT the right ramp - you will collect a Super Secret Skill Shot, which scores 27.5 million, awards the Ninjapocalypse combo, and temporarily increases the base Playfield Multiplier by 1. I’m not sure how this increments but I discovered it by accident and it’s freaking awesome.


Is there a skill shot for doing the same but not hitting the Snikt shot and hitting the cross over ramp? I’ve never tried a full plunge, to live catch, to right orbit, to anything.

Yes, that’s the MXV Skill Shot.

Ah geez… Reading, it’s important. It was sitting right there at the top :frowning:

tattoo assassins?

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A few months ago MCR/Mats Runsten scored about a billion on Megakrakolodonus Rex. How is that possible? I didn’t see this myself but he told me after the game that he got ~1B. My best is around 600M or so. I always go into it with 100 weapons (2x). Once (perhaps twice, can’t remember) I played: Megakrakoloduns Rex, Clone Multiball and Mr. Sinister Battle with 2X. It was fun, to say the least. I guess that’s the way to go?

I haven’t played Deadpool since may or so, but I’m going back in soon.

Have we figured out exactly what determines the Colossal Jackpot value yet? Because I’m starting to suspect that it’s some percentage of the points scored during a battle.

yeah, I haven’t figured that out. There’s a bit of minor details polish needed on this rulesheet. It’s got most of the critical content – but much of it was assembled before the latest code rev, or before people had the chance to learn the details of how some of the multiballs worked.