Deadpool Pinball


Wait until you score 10 billion, @chuckwurt. The game literally explodes…


Best humblebrag ever :smiley:


I wasn’t the player. Just reporting. Haha


Has anyone on here had to rebuild the left flipper yet? Had to do mine at around 1500 plays, the coil stop had exploded and the plunger was smashed and mushroomed so badly it was almost 1/4 inch shorter than normal.
The right one was a tad beat up, but nowhere near as bad.


Just tonight I had to fix a sticky flipper that turned out to be an exploded coil stop. Not sure what the number of plays is but it’s getting a lot of play. Oddly, the Stern coil stop I put in is noticeably longer so my flipper travel for the right flipper is about 1/8" shorter from the left now.

Edit: went to swap the left coil stop to match the right and it was also blown out… around 400 total plays. :confounded: