Deadpool Pinball


Is there a way to find the 0.82 code to redownload? I don’t want this sitting out on location with this reset issue.


I work in software and i’m not a tech so all I know is that I played a bunch of whitewoods with great ramp shots that were always successful on clean shots. George said on the Dead_Flip stream to adjust it to 7 degrees in pitch for it to play best


I’ve played 3 different DP machines and on two of them the lock shot is very hard. On the local one the shot flows like butter. Will try to get specifics tomorrow after event.


I have played 2 and lock shot is frustrating. I like the game a lot, but nailing a shot only to have it miss is a big downer. I think 50/50 at best sounds about right for my experience.


@Funtorium we’ve had the game on location for weeks now. It was obvious on day one that the game would be a long player… because it was :slight_smile:

And that’s with just our weekly league players.


Visited local machine tonight and found it set at 6.5 degree playfield slope and even side to side within a tenth of a degree. Can make lock shot 3/4 of the time from a cradle. Flipper coils set at factory strength settings.

Also tested out Lil’Dp Bounce mode and found it underwelming. Hopefully later code enhances the mode as of now it’s just worth as much when timed out.


May have another crash bug, but this one is harder to reproduce. I started what would have been Sauron multiball immediately after the end of a Ninja multiball where I had killed my last villain (immediately after one of the two balls registered as drained). Saw a long pause thinking it was just queueing up the Sauron visuals. Noticed it took longer than normal on a frozen screen and said “oh no, you did not…”

It did.


Does it still give the permanent 2X if you time it out? Cause that wound up being worth a lot last night. :slight_smile:


No idea as ball went down shortly after. Will test tonight with glass off time permitting.

Maybe I missed something.

EDIT: Wasn’t able to test tonight. Hopefully next visit.


Steepness seems to be the key here. I’ve played a couple more machines near me and almost all of them have bricked ramp shots. Will try to get the operators to make them steeper, but it remains bitterly disappointing that Stern would design a machine like this. Think of all the ops that don’t give a crap.


I had mine set to about 6.7 degrees and had very few problems when it was brand new. Now it seems to be bricking more and more often, AND my left flipper is getting “soggy” after only 1200 or so plays in less than a month.
I’ll rebuild the flipper and see if the shot returns, or if it keeps bricking…


Sounds like yours is a dud. We should trade my Avengers for it :innocent:


Pretty sure no one here would ever forgive me for making that trade…


So what you are saying here is that I’m nobody as I would forgive you. I thought we were better friends than that :frowning:

Can’t blame a man for trying though!


I asked Jesse about improper pitch causing problems on my machines and he said, “If you havin’ pin problems I feel bad for u son. I got 99 problems but the pitch ain’t one.”


Well obviously you wouldn’t be included, as you’re the one who wants the trade


Well, I might have to take that back, since I might be experiencing some pitch problems


Another crash bug reported. Very long game. Over a billion. Was going over the modes for a second time, completed Sabertooth. Then when the scoop was hit to start the next mode, as soon as the mode select screen popped up, it crashed.

EDIT: seems to be directly tied to scoring a billion points. Reproduced it and it happened again right after scoring a billion points.