Deadpool Pinball


We had a game reset in the finals as well. Players 1 and 2 were done and I was player 3 and cycled the status screen with the ball in the shooter lane and it reached high score #3, froze, and reset. Scores were not correct after reset.


It’s high score #3 in the status report. Pretty sure it crashed the game 100% of the time on 0.84. I knew about this before my launch party, warned the players, and put a note on it.

Not much you can do until they release a fix, unless you have 0.82 code you can go back to.


We focus less on this at work than we do with other things so I can’t say for sure, but my instincts would be that you can probably do things to put the middle in play a lot more such as tightening up the tilt or using lightning flippers. However, be careful with lightning flippers because we do not test the games with those and it might not work. Software-wise, the game is less multiball-heavy than we streamed with at first so that should already cut down on game times. We are shipping games now with outlane post rings in the coin box which already helps a lot.


Just from my limited experience of playing the game this weekend.

  • Hair trigger slings
  • Tight tilt, allow maybe one decent move as I also don’t agree with the you touch it you tilt style tilts being done some places
  • Lightening flippers. They may make hitting the “D” and “L” targets harder but should still be achievable
  • If their is a setting, make the player have to complete multiple “P,O,O,L” targets to light locks.

The challenge I saw was very few shots returned the balls into dangerous areas and misses often times didn’t go towards the outlanes due to the slings (on the game I played) not being very sensitive.


Most of the above sounds fine except I don’t see why you would make the POOL lock targets more difficult. As far as I can tell it doesn’t really matter how easy the locks are to light considering how difficult it can be to actually lock balls. On the one I’m playing solid nailed lock shots seem to be 50/50 at best.

I don’t know about lightning flippers either. Seems like overkil, and again could make the lock shot unnecesarily difficult.

It just seems to me that a Stern game rolls out of the factory and TDs are TERRIFIED that they will be “too easy” without any actual data being collected or real-time tournament experience. That’s when the post-ripping starts, and nobody wants to play Aerosmith or Iron Maiden.


I think slings being very sensitive and outlanes open with no rubbers is key if you really want to increase difficulty without being overkill. Tends to really punish the player for failed traps and missed shots.


Aerosmith is almost always way too brutalized. It’s already full of wild feeds, no need to set it up like LOTR.


Have you played this? If so, you would know the game as set from factory is too easy.

Myself, Robert B and Steven B and one other skilled player from Austin (Jon) played this game for the launch party over the weekend. The game lasted over an hour. I took 1st with 600 million, Robert took 2nd and with nearly 400 million and Steve B took 3rd with over 100 million.

This was my 2nd time to play the game. Their is very little side to side movement which with players with good skill makes the game play FOREVER. Trust me, with top 500 players on this game, if you don’t make these changes it will be a bottleneck in tournaments.

I said to make the POOL targets hard for locks as I got 3 ninja MB’s on one ball in that game. The lock shot is tough but once you find it I found I could hit it on demand.


This is a deadpool thread so not sure I understand your comment. Nobody has mentioned AS.


Two posts above mine.


Oh man, now I’ve heard it all if YOU are thinking lightning flippers are a good idea! :wink:
I read somewhere that a location or two has already put lightning flippers on it, no idea if it broke any of the shots so far or not…
I’m still on the fence about what to do to “toughen” up this game, it is really starting to play very long now that folks here have played it a ton and are getting a feel for it.
Just ran the audits, average game time is about 5 minutes, left and right outlane drains are at about 500 or so total with about 1000 games played . I have about 50+ games with a score of 100 million plus (all of these games are pretty much the result of about 5 or 6 of my regular players) and @Snailman has been out of town and hasn’t really gotten his hands on it yet
@FunWithBonus HAS gotten his hands on it, but he isn’t playing here multiple days a week (yet…:wink: ) and he’s been pretty consistent in scoring well (I know, everyone is shocked to hear that)
Personally, I’d be happier with a sub 4 minute game time, but at factory settings that’s not going to happen with this game. I’m going to start with software settings first to see if that helps before I start removing things.


Post removals at the launch party I was at were (understandably) justified by a 45 minute 2 player game the night before. I put up 740M of pure grinding and the launch party champ put up 300M. They didn’t want the game running long, so the posts were the first to go.


Was against them until I saw the light. Sitting at hour plus long 4 player games get’s kind of boring. I haven’t seen the light on 3 inch flippers yet so don’t get any crazy ideas!


Some data via Matchplay from yesterday’s launch: (click statistics)
We played banks of two games simultaneously , Deadpool & Star Wars Stern (pre) were in a bank together.
Matchplay shows 26:51 average time DP, 23:33 SW. It was played in five rounds. Four of those rounds were three player groups, one was a four player group. The finals data isn’t accurate because 1( the game reset, forcing a replay and 2( I probably didn’t enter the scores or close the event in a timely manner.

The Pinballz event from Saturday shows Deadpool played in all four rounds average time of 27:53. All four rounds were four player groups. Finals data is not accurate for that one either, I didn’t enter scores or close the round in a timely manner.


Yeah, that’s no fun for anyone except the guy playing.
A little off topic, but did you see the nearly 2 HOUR game of Addams from CLEPIN?
I mean it was a master class of Addams play from all four players, but holy hell that game was too easy for those guys.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep the 2 inch flippers off my games for ya :wink:


I already had enough long games at CLEPIN for my tastes, I won’t be watching that one.

Especially after all of the Cleveland shenanigans, I see Deadpool as heading towards problematic and don’t want to see it go the way of the big, fun orange boi that only a mother could love. :wink:


That’s good data but needs to account for average skill of player. I’m speaking more in line with the major tournaments. I wonder what the average game times would be with the top 16 of BCO or TPF playing in 4 player matches on them. That’s my line of thinking. The games as it sits from the factory with just a tighter tilt is still going to play long. I really found that the only risky shot was Lilltle Deadpool. Once I learned that and avoid those targets I wasn’t in danger very much at all.


You’ve played 1 example of the game and have been extrapolating just from al’s game at pioneers. You also have the keys. Have you checked the incline or done anything to try to make this shot better?


I’ll try ripping out the posts first!


Pretty common that the lock shot is extremely difficult at best to make. Any suggestions to dial it in? Steeper pitch? More shallow? Can the guide be adjusted?