Dead Stern Flipper

Thanks KME. so you just remove them? or replace?

Just pop them out. Newer boards has them unstuffed

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blue thumb.

So my Metallica on location has blown both trannys. So I get a call the shop owner says its blown again and he sends me a picture. Luckily I noticed the game was off and a ball was still trapped. So something mechanical is happening but they saw a little smoke under the PF. So I carried parts from my Tron since its the same coil, etc. I replaced the coil as it was melted around the plunger. The glass fuse was busted like it exploded haha. I replaced the fuse and the tranny. Turn the game back on and its still engaging the flipper… I am at a loss here. Is is possible I have a bad diode and it blew this new tranny? Do I have another problem further up the chain. FYI I also knocked off the caps. I checked my solder to make sure I didn’t have any bridges and ended up just leaving with the board. The game is almost an hour away.