Dead Flip thanks the community for all it's support.

Wow, has this stream come a long way.

We’re partnered with Twitch, and last night they put us on their FLIPPIN’ home page!
This allowed us to show off real pinball to thousands of gamers whom, before last night, had never even seen a real pinball machine.

Here is the wrap-up of that stream… a very heart-felt and slightly intoxicated thank you.
All the love,
Jack Danger

Click Here to watch.


Thanks for doing the stream! I always enjoy watching you guys play and shoot the shit.

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Very cool - a non pinball friend of mine asked me if I knew that pinball was streaming as they’d stumbled on it while browsing twitch. I chuckled . . .

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Congrats on the partnership! It’s well deserved. Keep up the great work! :smile:

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