Dead Flip raised $1200+ for Project Pinball in 2 hours last night.

Last night I invited Dan of Project Pinball over to the stream for a friendly battle to let him talk about his charity.

Little did he know that we had a pile of cash waiting for him, and continued to raise another $1000 on stream thanks to the most amazing and generous community on the planet. Pinball players.

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who contributed, and hope to see you in the chat soon!

Jack Danger


That was a truly a humbling experience.

Personally, I am new to the online streaming. I watched and older game footage but that was my only connection.

I was completely unaware of this whole online scene, so it was an eye opening experience as well. I was feeling it would be more static and just hanging out. Then I was blown away by Jack’s energy, passion and dedication to his Dead Flip stream and viewers. What a great time!

The viewers were a super group of delightful, funny, inquisitive and very compassionate as they help us by raising these donations. I felt welcomed and at home instantly.

It was awesome, fun and energetic night!..That helped us do what we love, place pinball in the hands of the children and parents at the children’s hospitals.

Thank you Jack and the members of the Dead Flip group. And to all of our supporters that fuel our mission!

Have Fun,


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Glad we could help!

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