Cyclone - Pro Tips

Hey guys,

Farsight is now looking for some pro tips for Cyclone.

Feel free to email me or post to this thread if you want to share any tips, as well as whether you want to be credited for those tips on the game or prefer to be anonymous.


Double scoring allows you to get 2,000,000 from the Comet ramp. It doesn’t double the Cyclone jackpot.

The touch target behind the Ghost shot (on the right) spots one of the Comet targets, and isn’t hard to hit.

Draining during double scoring doubles your bonus.

Couple other double scoring tips: 2x will double your Ferris Wheel value, but it actually shows you the doubled value (like it does with the million), not the single value.

Further lane completions when 2x is already running will ADD 20 seconds to your timer, not reset it to 20.

In addition to the left (Cat) targets lighting the Comet (middle ramp) as Bowen said, the right standups (ducks) light the Cylone (right ramp). Complete all 6 standups to hold your bonus. If it’s your last ball, you’ll get the value again.

Since bonus x is held until you get 7x, it’s much higher value to get your bonus x’s early in the game (ball 1) than ball 3. Bonus is typically not that valuable, though a maxed-out held 2x scoring bonus on your last ball would net you 2.772M.

You can tell a lot about what’s going on just by the music. Each important timer has its own music (million lit, spook house open, jackpot lit), and each timer has its own about-to-expire warning sound and expiry buzz as well (though this is harder to tell apart).

The Spook House is a sucker shot and you shouldn’t aim for it on purpose.