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Hi guys, I am new member of this site,
Do someone knows how to customize sounds for pinballs? I would like to have new sounds on pin, as Iron Man or Wheel Of Fortune. Or whitestar Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! And last, revenge from mars

look up pinball browser. there’s a post on pinside

Ok, thanks

I have readed all instructions about it and downloaded it. And I enoughly understood you need to open stern code with pinball browser to see sounds and all others. But I need some donation to be able to change sounds longer than 10 seconds. Well I will did. I saw Iron Man musics and I have some I would like to change, but I opened wheel of fortune code and I saw there is no musics. What I can do now? How I can now modify musics for Wheel Of fortune? Also I saw pinball 2000 roms isn’t supported, so how I to change musics for it? I didn’t opened whitestar rom yet, but I saw its possible

FYI anyone trying to help here :

This person has been asking similar questions on pinside for months.



Pinball browser isn’t super hard to use once you fully understand it but it does require some basic knowledge of how the coding works and how sound callouts work as well. It is EXTREMELY time consuming even if you know 100% of what you are doing. You need to modify the sound bites to fit the time constraints of the call as well as the volumes. Also, if it’s not a common game (WOF for instance) you will have to do all the leg work yourself to locate the correct sound bites to replace. The more popular games (like Tron) have the sound bites labeled already.

Some games/platforms aren’t supported yet so that is what it is. I would strongly suggest you contact PinballMix as they do this for people at a fee. That’s your best bet if you are struggling with the application. They may be willing to help you with tech questions as well. Their is a tutorial here - If that doesn’t help then I’d chalk it up to that tool just not being for you. Trust me, it’s not for everyone as a lot of people struggle with it. Not trying to be rude but it’s the honest truth with my experience with it.


Dobrodošli, @Pekilicaknowledge! (I saw on Pinside that you speak Serbian, so hopefully Google Translate got that one right…)

Does your Ripley’s have a PinSound board? My understanding is that makes things a lot easier.

I second getting in touch with PinballMIX, if you’re willing to pay for the changes. Mark does amazing work! I’ve had the privilege of playing his personal collection and he’s done some really fun things.

Not sure how much help you’ll get from this group as we tend to focus on the competitive side of pinball, but good luck!


Thx for wishing me good luck! And my ripley’s do not have any board

I’ll also helpfully warn you that if you want to replace speech on WPT and WOF, it will be a horror show due to all of the sentence construction they do (especially WPT).

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Why horror show?

I asked pinball mix for customizing musics on WOF, but they can’t do this. How I can now customize musics for wheel of fortune pinball?

I wish I knew how to help you Pekili. A dozen people on Pinside have been trying for months and we’ve been unable to communicate with you in any way that appears to help. :thinking:


Sorry if I was rude. Try again

I suspect lots of short call outs and sounds that are used in many different ways in different context.

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Ok. I am now really interesed in making horror show code of WPT and WOF. Please give me some suggestion for replacing sounds and speech

Uh oh…how’d he get over here?

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He’s really interested in making horror show.

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Yes that’s right