Crank It Down / cop-out points?

Adam McKinnie brought up the name “Crank It Down” on Metallica for the cases where you take the 5 million pity points instead of playing the Crank It Up round.

What other games have this sort of feature? Brian Dominy noted the Holodeck choice (25 million or Simulation) where the better choice is pretty obvious. What else?

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Bowen Kerins … not many. Rocky and Bullwinkle and some of the other 90s Data East games had the Super Mystery Select.

Steven Bowden R&B is a little strange because it will give you a choice like TRI ball vs looping with are two features.

I remember that Lethal Weapon’s Super Leo will offer something like 20 Million vs. Crazy Riggs which is closer to what this is. Except that 20 Million is a decent amount of points compared to Crazy Riggs, so “Crank it down” doesn’t work as well for that example.

Joe Schober Doesn’t Dirty Harry offer a choice of X million or “Load Gun for 2*X million”?

Joe Schober And of course Jackbot double-or-nothing from casino games.

Bowen Kerins Oh yeah, the “Feeling Lucky” option. There’s also the risk-it choice on Who Dunnit.

Brian C. Dominy 25M or Holodeck?

Steven Bowden That’s a winner, Brian C. Dominy. Since the Holodeck is a mode worth 209 Million max.

Stephen Donaldson Disengage!

Raymond Davidson Street fighter 2 - 10 million OR multiball!

Cryss Stephens What about the poker game?

The ST:TNG rulesheet notes that older ROMs offered only 10M for skipping the holodeck!

Not sure why that opt-out is even there. Crank It Down could at least be viable in tournament play.

My guess is that particular opt-out is there simply for Poker With Riker.

And yeah, almost every Gottlieb DMD with a choice had some really silly choices on there. Of course you HAD to choose the crap one on Shaq in order to get the billion (3 times in tourney mode).

The choices in Jackbot can be pretty silly too, but those are pretty much all luck like R&B or LW3.

Wait you can turn down Crank It Up for 5M?? How have I missed this? That is totally ridiculous.

In our weekly tournaments when you earn an extra ball, you can plunge it and you get one flip. Any flip after the ball is plunged counts. So I will often plunge “Start Holodeck” on TNG and then use my one flip to collect the easy 25M.

Huh, what happens on the Holodeck if you don’t flip, does it just select Shuttle after a while?

That’s a good question. I would actually guess that it selects 25M after a while. Over the weekend I did discover that the Scared Stiff spider will time out selecting absolutely nothing after a while, and I used that to my advantage to collect a lock with my one flip.

That’s right, @heyrocker The game will auto-select the 25 Million after a few seconds.

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In Jurassic Park the Mr. DNA awards can be like this sometimes.

  • 5M
  • 10M
  • Lite Special