CP Pinball Winter Bash - Year End Tournament 2022

Thought I’d share on here, we have 97 players signed up as of now! Info is below.

CP Pinball Winter Bash - Year End Tournament 2022

@ CP Pinball | 115 Sinclair Ave - South Roxana, Illinois

Sunday December 18th, 2022

Doors Open: 9:00am
Tournament Start: 10:30am

IFPA Sanctioned and for WPPR points

Limited to 108 Players

Entry Fee: $35

To register, please contact Tyler via email - pinballderby@gmail.com, please include name and IFPA number(if you have one). Entry Fee is to be paid upon arrival on December 18th, if preferring to prepay – please contact Tyler to arrange.

BONUS: Sign up by December 1st to receive a free commemorative CP Pinball Winter Bash 2022 event t-shirt. Please include shirt size in registration email to ensure correct size.

Includes free food and all day free play on over 75 pinball machines!! All entrants will also be eligible to win one of several attendance prizes that will be given out.

Trophies will be awarded to the Top Finishers in A Division, B Division, and Youth Division. There will be a cash payout for A Division Finishers. The exact payout and number of payouts are TBD and based on total number of entrants.


Qualifying: 5 rounds of two game banks, four player matchups using IFPA(7,5,3,1) scoring. Each round the group of four players will play the two games from the selected bank. Tiered Swiss pairings and banks will allotted at random per each group. After the 5 rounds are complete, the top 32 players in the standings will compete in the A Division Finals. An additional amount of players will compete in a separate B Division Finals, the amount of players competing in B Division Finals is TBD and based on the total number of entrants.

A Division Finals: Bracket consisting of four player matchups with the highest seed in the pairing getting to choose the game bank for the group. Each game in bank will be played, entrant with lowest score on game is eliminated. For example if bank 1 is chosen, the four players play Rush, lowest score eliminated. The remaining three players then play Meteor, lowest score eliminated. The remaining two move on to next round in the finals, with new pairings and banks once again selected by highest seed. When we get to the final four, the highest seed picks the bank, when gets down to final two the highest remaining seed(of those final two) has the choice of picking the bank or game. If they choose a bank - the other finalist chooses one of the two games from that bank. if they choose game, the other finalist will choose a bank and the higher seed getting to pick one of the two games from that bank.
Each bank will consist of one older pinball machine( likely more than 15 years old) and one newer pinball machine(likely made in the past 15 years). The banks will be announced prior to the tournament start time.

B Division Finals: TBD

Drinks and food you are allowed to bring, candy and soda is also available to purchase on site.

Come compete at CP’s 5th Annual Year End Tournament, the Winter Bash!

-Past Champions-

2018: Chuck Sanderson
2019: Brian Bannon
2020: Rick Knopik
2021: Steve Rolsing

-Banks- (most to be announced at later date)

  1. Rush (premium) - Meteor
  2. Walking Dead (pro) – Indianapolis 500

banks are subject to change

Email Tyler - [pinballderby@gmail.com] with any questions. Go to the CP Pinball facebook page for more information

IFPA Link - International Flipper Pinball Association

Edited, as now have 97 players signed up. Meaning 11 spots remaining if anyone else would like to join! The full roster of players can be found on the event page link - Redirecting...

Or on the matchplay.events listing

There also will be a Fair Strikes Tourney the night before, if anyone wants some extra practice at CP or get another tourney in that weekend. Info for that can be found here - International Flipper Pinball Association