Controlling bad feeds (for instance on Bally Wizard! (1975))

The tournament location in Tokyo recently added a Wizard! to the lineup, and it’s set up in a particuarly hard to control way.

The feed from the flags lane on the right comes to the tip of the right flipper–close enough that drop catches have dumped the ball in the centre for those that try. The dead bounce goes into the right sling (and the outlane). I’ve tried to nudge it to the left out of the bottom of the lane to get more flipper on it, but haven’t been successful yet.

Other than the obvious flail-away in the direction of the 4 flag, can anyone suggest an approach for feeds like this?

One common thing to try is giving a bump to the side of the machine as the ball is coming down the side lane, with a goal of altering the ball’s path so it takes a different, hopefully better, trajectory. Of course, this is very dependent on the exact setup of the machine, but I’ve certainly seen this technique used effectively on some games.

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I agree with Joe.

Devin, are there any tourneys in Osaka or Tokyo coming up in late May? I will be traveling there on business.