Congratulations to the PAPA 20 world champion! (...names inside)


This is for you Adam and Escher!


Thanks, Sanjay. That is a great a photo! (And Escher needs to turn off his noise cancelling headphones, lol)


Congrats to YOU on being the awesome dad to such a prestigious son - watching everything live and in person definitely showed how much of a support you truly are. You were there when 'Esch needed it, stood on the line with ??? during the entirety of finals, and let him be himself when he was triumphing. I just hope to be like that someday.

All of this crazy stuff doesn’t sink in until the paycheck shows up and the WPPRs roll in, from my experience. :wink:


Sometime around midnight, @Adam and Escher walked past me, and they were still wearing crazy huge grins like in Sanjay’s photo.

Fantastic job, Escher… well played and well deserved. And kudos to you too, Escher’s Dad. :slight_smile:


Huge congrats to Escher, and for a very exciting finals in general.


I loved the moment where Escher was super excited to make it through the round and was running and jumping around and you called him over, calmed him down and reminded him he first needs to shake his opponents hands. It was one of those classic father moments.

The raw emotion of you two hugging was infectious. As others have said, this story (along with Blake and Jordan) hopefully will help bring more of the younger generation into the hobby. I couldn’t imagine a better ambassador to the sport.

Now if someone could figure of how to position the camera so that we could actually see Escher’s flipper skills that would be great. I like the conspiracy theory that he has some new secret move that he doesn’t want others to see :slight_smile:


Escher was my symbol of excellence for my 6th graders yesterday. Congrats Escher!


Hey, these pics are very poor quality and don’t compare to Gene’s camera excellence, but I just wanted to share a few. From moments before the big win, to just moments after. What a thrill to be there to witness it!