Congrats to Zach Sharpe - Stern's newest employee


First, congrats to @Smack847 for his new role at Stern:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Stern Pinball announced today the hiring of Zach Sharpe as Director of
Marketing. Zach will take on marketing accountabilities from recently
promoted Jody Dankberg who will serve as the New Director of Licensing and
New Business Development. Please see the attached press release.
Please join us in welcoming Zach to the Stern family!
Best regards,
John Buscaglia
Chief Revenue Officer
Stern Pinball, Inc.

I’m assuming @cayle is next in Stern’s attempt to hire the top 5 WPPR holders. :wink:

So, about Sterns policy on banning people from their facebook page? … Too soon? Ok.

But seriously, congrats Zach.


isn’t there a conflict of interest as a stern employee and VP of IFPA? :smiley: Here goes the independent institution :slight_smile:


Congratulations Zach.Hopefully this will be good for pinball from all aspects as well as good for Zach.


Thanks! Although timing of press releases and me being ranked #1 have never boded well for me apparently…
Thanks @sk8ball and @cayle


What’s the WPPR TVA of our lunchroom showdowns?


@DEADFLIP may just want to start streaming from Stern HQ every night :slight_smile:


I mean, yeah.


Was extremely happy to hear the news! Hoping this’ll put Stern in a better direction for the future with someone like Zach in the picture.



Some things will never change, one of them being any/all questions related to WPPRs, $1 fee, tournament results and calendar submissions being immediately redirected @pinwizj way




Awesome move Stern


The rule is that all Sharpe’s must have at least one business card with the words Pinball Marketing. Josh - u still have time , buddy


Stern is becoming the GS Warriors of pinball. They have all the best players. Stern army doesn’t seem adequate. Meet the new super villains of pinball.

Congrats Zach. Embrace and enjoy the cupcakes.


Congratulations Zach, this is a good move for Stern and I think a great thing for pinball fans.


perfect promotion for the new head to head next year!


Those will be some loooooong lunches. Although I guess you guys could go back to your desks between turns.


I remember one time at WMS, a bunch of us were going to lunch, and Lyman was at the bottom of the stairs playing AFM and we asked if he wanted to come and he said “Nah I’m going to finish this game, maybe I’ll come meet you.” When we returned he was still playing that game, working on his third RTU.


Sterns next design will be built like a right-leaning TWD where everything goes STDM. “Oh, you plunged into the pops? You got what you deserved.”


Doesn’t look like a conflict to me. I think it is a good thing for the IFPA, Zach has an understanding employer who wants to see pinball promoted, and we have another great player working at Stern who can hopefully influence game design with their feedback.

Nice move, Zach and Stern!