Congo - Diamond Hunt single ball - Ruling?

Congo in qualifying of a multi-day Herb tournament. There have been multiple instances of Diamond Hunt starting without kicking out a second ball. The ruling has been “play on” each time, so the player is left completely stuck in DHMB without having a way out. Rack up diamonds until you eventually drain out. Fun?

I would think this qualifies as enough of a malfunction that the game should be fixed or pulled, but the TD says it’s normal for Congo to do that and everyone just has to play it as is. Thoughts?

Totally normal, for a broken Congo that needs to be fixed or pulled. :smile:

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I was just going to write up some rules about trough issues not actually being malfunctions :smile:

Sounds like the game needs one of these:

Beneficial malfunction. Player is not allowed to play single-ball Diamond Hunt Multiball.
Since it repeated, it becomes catastrophic malfunction.
If repairs can’t be made, it becomes a Disabled Machine.
Sections 6 & 8.

Completely separate from the ruling, those magnetic jam protectors are a must on any WPC games. They’re cheap and they prevent so many trough problems. Not just the magnetic issues, but also the problems with divots that balls settle into without moving forward.

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If you plow through 100 diamonds, then do you get to play 1 ball Super Multiball ? I’ve played an awful lot of Congo and never seen a 1 ball Diamond Hunt. They gotta fix it or throw it out of the bank.

Hello jdelz, were you able to solve the problem? I have the same problem. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes I only play with one ball. It even doesnt try to kick the second ball out.

Wow, blast from the past. It was used in the described state throughout the rest of the tournament and it sucked. Never encountered that particular machine again so I’m not sure what happened from there, sorry!

Replace the balls. See if that helps.

through issue for sure, pitting in the metal or bad switch are also a possibility imo

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Thank you all!
Seems replacing the balls as chuckwurt said solved the problem.

Thanks :wink:

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