Coast 2 Coast Pinball, Interview with Greg

Thought I’d give a plug to both @heyrocker and @Coast2CoastPinball for a great listen this morning. Thanks for making my hellish commute bearable!

If you haven’t been listening to Coast 2 Coast I recommend you start now. Nate’s been running through a ton of great interviews lately with many of the members here, including @bkerins @pinwizj @noahpdavis @cayle and more…


I have an easy commute but I will still enjoy a listen on my way to work!

I like . . . you know . . . messaging @heyrocker . . . you know . . . as I’m like . . . you know . . . listening to his interview . . . you know? :smile:


Thanks! I had a great time on the podcast as I quite obviously can’t shut up when it comes to pinball. I agree that Nate has been doing a great job with his interviews and guests, and I’ve really been enjoying going through the past episodes.


Thumbs up on the Bailter Space road trip!

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Saw them about six times back in those days, they were mind-blowingly loud. Like you could feel your pants shaking on your legs. Love them.

Hey Greg… Congratulations on making Nate go over 1 hour on a podcast! I really enjoyed the interview!

-Steve Ridge
Louisville, KY

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Not to take away from the other guests, but this was almost certainly my favourite interview episode that Nate’s done. Very interesting throughout!

Might even deserve a re-listen.


It was a good listen for sure. I think I knew almost everything already :smile: , but it’s great to get legit info out to the masses[1] via outlets like this.

I think the most important thing is that it’s obvious you just enjoy talking about pinball, and I do too. I’ve listened to the Clay interview I did a couple of times and I think it comes across there too, but you have that whole “do I sound like that” thing going on in the background when you’re trying to judge yourself.

  1. I have nfi what “the masses” are for this podcast, admittedly.

When are you going on C2C @kdeangelo?

I agree that this interview was great. I think that @heyrocker is one of the best pinball commentators we’ve got: ever since that first pinburgh stream I’ve been hooked, and when most people turned out to be less good at it than @bkerins and @heyrocker it’s a bit sad-making.

I feel like all the commentators have their strengths. I have a large amount of public speaking experience, which I think helps a lot. I know a lot about rules but not nearly to the level that say @keefer, @Adam or @cayle do, and I have never played at that level so there is a lot they can bring in about what it is like playing in those high pressure finals situations that I’ll just never know. I really love the vibe that @joe has when he does it, especially with his wife Julie. I actually wish that @mhs would do it more because when I listen to him, he is so articulate about games and rules and how those things affect tournaments play and tournament organizing. Todd M has that previous broadcasting experience going for him. @pinwizj is really good at getting that conversational tone going and his experiences of the last few years running IFPA can really bring some interesting things into the mix. @kdeangelo’s telestrater really brings something new to the mix that is SUPER useful, I loved using it. @FunWithBonus is always great to listen to and he always makes me laugh. A-B-C: ALWAYS BE CASHING.

We are lucky to have such a wide variety of people who have so much they bring to the table.


I too really enjoyed this one. I enjoy all the interviews actually and Nate has been doing a really good job talking to all the right people who are very knowledgeable and entertaining to listen to.

I’m glad the story of why this forum was created got told to the wilder audience. I was one of the few that backed Bowen in that infamous thread on Pinside and we talked in PMs about the possibility of another forum coming along and how it would benefit the community. Well done Greg getting it up and running.


Is it hard enough to find that thread? I think I’ve visited this site more than Pinside by now, but I’m curious about what actually went down there.

I’ve talked about it on my show, and my co-host agrees, it’s been hard to spend lots of time on Pinside over the past year or so. I have been trying to be there more often lately, because it’s ultimately better for my podcast if I’m plugged in to what people are discussing, but the quality of discussion is really rough right now. I went months without making a single post because it all bummed me out. Now I’m just getting way pickier about what topics I will even open or stay in once they’ve been derailed.

Thank goodness for Tilt Forums. There’s hardly any static over here.

Oh, yeah, and the C2C interview was great, Greg! I enjoyed it and it was cool hearing your pinball story.


Forums are forever evolving, sometimes for the best and sometimes for the worst—there’s little, if anything, people running a forum can do to change that. I think Greg touched upon this some in the discussion around RGP and how it changed over the years. IMO, the trouble with Pinside is that it was under-moderated when the RGP exodus happened and now it’s picked up much of the tone of conversation that was prevalent there. FWIW, I recall it had much more of the vibe I get here before that happened. And now that they’re heading down the path of monetization (asking for fees from sellers and yearly donations etc), making any changes to upset their user base, which seems to be happy with the locker room misogyny that’s typical of so many posters there, will only hurt their chances at further profits. And that’s not a judgement on them for wanting to make money off of all the work they’ve put in, just a fact of how it will have to be if providing income is the ultimate goal. I’m just grateful I have a choice now. So thanks for that Greg.


I enjoyed hearing you on the podcast Greg, and it made me realize how much I miss playing pinball with you in league!

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Another bonus with this forum is that it isn’t blocked at my work. Huzzah!

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Pinside is blocked at my work too. It seems as if corporate IT has been poking around where I visit and has blocked certain sites. Pinball Ninja is also blocked but PinWiki isn’t. Oh well, I enjoy the conversations over here much better any how. Too much BS to plow through on other forums.

I think Nate is a great interviewer. I especially enjoyed all of the pre-PAPA interviews.


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What’s the name of your podcast? I’ve been listening to C2C a bit and a couple others lately because we’re starting a Skill Shot pincast here soon. Recorded our “pilot” last weekend and are doing the real deal this Sunday. From zine to podcast! I’d love to listen to more so I can get a sense of what to aim for.