Cleveland Pinball Show - Sept 8-10

Who’s coming out to Cleveland this week?

I can try to answer any questions about the show and the general area.
@WaddleJrJr can help with specific tournament questions.

I’m curious to see how much the tournament grows in its second year and being a PAPA Circuit event. Should be fun!

Lots of info on the event page, including scorekeeper sign-ups.

Have fun!
Will there be streaming? If so, when? and link to the stream?

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I’ve heard talk of a live stream, but I don’t have official info on that. Hopefully!

I’ll let Jeffrey chime in when he sees this.

Main finals format is best of 7, single elimination?
Fun format… but how late do you plan on being there on Saturday night? (finals starting at 12:30pm)
My only experience with best of 7 high level play is SCS championships and IFPA championships, and those typically take 2 hours per round (not including meal breaks). And the IFPA championships had at least 1/3 the games being played on faster-playing EM or early SS.

I think last year wrapped up between 7 and 8 with the same playoffs format.

The show hall was completely empty by that point. :hushed:

Jeffrey told me that the finals will be streamed for the tournament.

I can’t wait! Love the banks for main and classics. I think one more game is still to be revealed for each.

I’ll be there thursday afternoon. Bringing Big Game and baby Pacman.

Also heard another member of the cincy pinball league is bring a spirit! Awesome.

What’s the Twitch channel? Thanks.

Right. Announced so far…


Attack From Mars
Eight Ball Deluxe
Metallica (premium?)
Walking Dead Pro

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Should be the papatv one.


The streaming will be handled by PAPA, I’m not involved at all in that regard. The channel should be

I’d love to see more people get on board with scorekeeping, this certainly sounds like it’s going to be a busy tournament! We’ll be using the Drains Tournament Manager to handle qualifying, this includes both the scoring as well as digital queuing.

Mahesh and I will be there! Looking forward to it!

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I’ll be there. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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East Cleveland resident Steven Clute takes down some Michigan Juggernauts to win the classics finals.


They are live right now, I’m assuming for the remainder of the day

Is the stream up for other people? I don’t see it.

Yes. Try refreshing.

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  1. David Riel
  2. John Delzoppo @jdelz
  3. Mahesh Murthy
  4. Alberto Santana
  5. Jason Werdrick @JPW
  6. Evan Bingham
  7. Derek Fugate
  8. Aaron Metz

How were 5th to 8th decided since it was match play? W-L record in the round they lost or initial seed? [Doing unofficial Circuit update.]