Cleveland Pinball Show: Information and Feedback Thread


Pending Classics.

Side note: RIP Solar Fire, you will be remembered in tournaments.


Delayed for 3rd and 4th place tie-breaker perhaps.



Looking back now, shoutouts to Don Johnson for putting together a great show floor, Tommy/Jeffery for running the tournaments, and everyone else with the show for running booths, volunteering, and hosting things at the show.

CLEPIN had it all - Excitement! Drama! Controversy! Inhuman feats of pinball strength! A bounty of great games! …and much, much more!

Looking forward to coming back next year, and looking forward to how badly the PAPA Solar Fire will be messed with now…


Its not going to be messed with because it will never be used again. They’ll probably leave it there when/if they leave that facility.


Lightning flippers on the upper playfield


Funny enough, I mentioned this, or the 1 1/4" flippers ala 2001.


For those of us that weren’t able to watch, what happened with Solar Fire?


Hour long games of safe play on the upper playfield. Very tedious and boring, as expected.


The Main 1st round was delayed heavily due to Solar Fire being a classics finals mainstay, even with an hour + of buffer time thrown in between the two.



@PAPA_Doug, make it so!

Next time on PAPA TV LIVE, “REPO! The Pinetic Opera!”


No flippers on the upper playfield


Sorry I’m not very active on Tiltforums so I forgot to make an information thread before this year’s show, but I intend to make a thread tomorrow to get feedback about the 2018 tournament.


Soooooo… What happened on solar fire?

Deleted wrong game questions!


Stone put up 14 million. Took an eternity with repetitive, safe, boring play, as mentioned above. Other players put up big scores as well, just not 14 million big.


He was also averaging 7 million/game through finals and had 6.8 million in qualifying!


Anyone having issues with the never drains site? Trying to crunch some data. Haha


Are you guys scraping the site and causing me hosting issues? All of the tournaments connecting to the database server this one was hosted on seem to be down at the moment, yet I can manually access the databases. Oh joy of joys.


Oh god. Did I mess something up? I was just going through can copying info from the standings screens and populating them in excel to take a deeper dive into the results.