City Champ 9, August 13-14, Tickets on sale May 21

We are happy to announce that City Champ 9 will be held on August 13-14 at Free Gold Watch in San Francisco. Qualifying is 12 rounds of tiered-Swiss matchplay. Playoffs will be a Pinburgh-style format. Three banks of four games (EM, Solid State, Early DMD, Modern DMD/LCD). Largely the same format as previous years with a couple small tweaks to give top seeds more power in game selection. See full details at . Tickets will go on sale on May 21 at 11:00AM PDT at . If you have any questions, please let us know. We hope that many of you will be able to join us!


Tickets are on sale tomorrow at 11AM PDT at

The ticket limit is 2 per order. Name of the attendee is required for each ticket. You have 10 minutes to fill in the information and place an order before the tickets are released.

The waitlist is through eventbrite. If it works as it has in the past, the waitlist will not show up until all the tickets have actually been purchased. There may be a time when tickets are not available, but the waitlist hasn’t shown up. You need to refresh see if a ticket becomes available or to see if the waitlist shows up.

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bummed this overlap with family holidays… bring back the December time frame! :smiley:

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Attendees/Waitlist updated at the bottom of the page:


There will be pre-tournaments on Thursday and Friday as well for those interested. should be showing up on IFPA shortly…