City Champ 6, San Francisco, CA. December 16-17th 2017.


In addition to all the issues raised above about the strange playoff, it also can cause a strange spoiler situation where someone who is mathematically eliminated after two games has ZERO incentive to play the third game! In every other tournament I’ve been to, even if you have a rough two games you can salvage your position by getting a first on the third game, and so you play your best and it can affect other players.


What would make more sense, if you still wanted to play off the spots, is for the #3 finishers in each group to play for 5th vs. 6th and the #4 finishers to play for 7th vs. 8th. And if either group has a tie for 3rd, both players go into the tiebreaker, which then becomes for 5th-6th-7th or for all four spots if 3rd and 4th are tied in both groups.

Also strongly agree with Ray’s point about incentive in playing game 3 once you’re toast. If position is based on points within round, you still have a reason to play hard. In this case, there’s no downside to just mailing it in for game 3, which may affect the results for the rest of your group.


This is an excellent point.


Actually the game showed the previously-completed game’s scores. Two people in the twitch chat were very helpful in recovering the lost scores from video so they could still be used.


I was looking for the archive video but it does not seem to be on twitch?


The videos are on youtube now:


Also available in a playlist

And indexed at


thanks guys!


Are you watching that epic AC/DC game? :wink:


haha only to remember in the future that there is always a worst game that i have played in a finals :slight_smile: