circuit finals tentative first round matchups


Jeff Teolis, “Welcome to Hell”!


I’d also take the “over” at 0.5.


Okay, any odds on how many top-10 seeds will not make it out of the first round?


Is trash talking and personal attacks allowed? Good ol’ Canadian swagger. My only hope. (I have no shame).

Nah, I won’t…just glad to be at the dance.


Sweep the leg.


You have been known to recreate an iconic scene from North by Northwest.


So let’s predict machine choices:
Groups 1-3 will play the 4 new Sterns
Group 4 will play 3 of the new ones but skip SW and use Meteor, SeaWitch or Robocop for the other game
Groups 5-8 will be doing mostly Robocop, Meteor, SeaWitch and Galaxy
Groups 9 & 10 will do both Catacomb and Freefall and two of the above 4 for their other games


Which scene? Great movie, btw.



Some bus stops are in unsafe neighborhoods :wink:


I predict that groups 9 and 10 will play Freefall and Catacomb as their first two games and then Freefall and Catacomb as their third and fourth games. There is nothing in place to stop that from happening.


Yeah, it was much less likely to happen with the 12 game lineup in past years, but I can definitely see it happening with only 10 games.


Gimme FreeFall x4 any day over the rest of the line up.


I don’t think it can possibly happen if there are 12 games. With ten games, it can definitely happen.

Edit: I stand corrected. It can happen in 12 games, but only to group 4 round 4 if things fall just right.


With 12 games it can only happen to group 10 on game 4.


Out of curiosity, where’s the circuit final game list?


Aerosmith Pro
Star Wars Pro
Batman 66 Premium
Guardians of the Galaxy


I really think this whole game choice system is flawed, even without the chance of repeats. Seeds 8-13 get “rewarded” for their hard work by having to play games that are more random while the 18-23 seeds get to play games that are more controllable.


Thanks for the game list, I missed it being posted elsewhere.
60 seconds of tips on Catacombs, anyone?


Shoot the drops and try to time them when the corresponding color light is lit.