circuit finals tentative first round matchups


You sure of those totals? Seems to be missing whomever was 2nd and likely the other person tied for 3rd/4th? {Alberto’s 55 indicates the tie].

Corrected Version:


Jerry Bernard was 2nd so he would have 75. Ken Martin hasn’t played any other circuit events this season I believe.


Bob stop trying to put yourself ahead of me in the standings! I have the 100 so until you win INDISC then I’m technically in 8th :wink:


Congrats to Timballs for winning OBX! I’ll post the circuit update tomorrow after I get home.


Long as he qualifies for magfest, he’s pretty much guaranteed a top ten spot


Those 5 points for the 24th spot are mine!


Through INDISC, unofficially, and assuming that Steven FWB Bowden does not participate in the Circuit Final as is the early word on the street. Tiebreakers were used based on highest finish where applicable. If one or more of the Europeans does not come, or anyone else opts out, things change from that point downward.

Congratulations to Karl DeAngelo for winning INDISC and thanks to everyone who came out for our event. We’re delighted we had so many out-of-towners decide it was worth the trip to join us.

Some pretty brutal potential first round groups here!


ok so now it’s a question of…should i go to another tournament and try to get somewhere in the top 10 to be able to pick the games? or should I just let myself drop and hopefully finish somewhere 15-20 so I can play last on the ‘better’ games?


Choosing machine is less useful in 4-player groups at this level than in head-to-head matches. And being in the top 10 is only a playoff advantage if you survive your group, which depends on who else is in it. Bowen, Jorian, Daniele, Robert, etc. are all below the top 10 now but someone in the top ten at the end may find one or two of them in their group. Right now, you’d get both Daniele and Belsito in yours, while Alberto would get a probably easier time with Adam M, Erno and Sanjay. And what a “better” game is is somewhat in the eye of the beholder. “You pays your money, you takes your chances.”


I think he means not getting locked out of picking skill games by being low-top ranked. I’d rather be last seed in a Sharpe’s group than be #6 overall seed out of 7 games avail.


It really depends on what games Mark or whomever picks for the Circuit Final bank. Maybe they’ll all be skill games, albeit of varying vintages?


Qualifying 4th at PAPA this year was the worst thing I could have done…


We are going with 12 Target Pools in the bank.


Aw, if you’re doing all-EMs, you should have at least one High Hand for Zach and Josh.

If not, you could use my “I dare you” idea and put all steal-locks-and-things games in the bank. It would make for great PAPA TV - - lots of strategy, with players actually having to play defense!


I have a special request though. If @sk8ball breaks another game during the circuit finals can we NOT include it in the PAPA A qualifying bank?


Just updated my standings post above thru City Champ.


If you were using the results from Match Play Events for your data it’ll be slightly off. There was a 5th-8th placement match played that’s not reflected in Match Play. You have to wait for the IFPA results to post for those results (I was eating lunch and have no idea how that game finished)


I watched that 5th-8th game and took down the results myself. Zach won it, Jeremy next, then Dave, last Tim.


Always thinking ahead!


Congrats to Andrew Pancoast for winning magfest. See you in April!