circuit finals tentative first round matchups

Thanks Greg…updated it w/out Bowden.

Lefkoffs no longer in same group, but Sharpes now are :slight_smile:

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Yeahhhhhh . . .that’s impossible :wink:

(I’m not going)

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updated again. Keep em coming guys, eventually I’ll move to top seed

has papa starting contacting people?

i have not received an email yet

I don’t think defending champ gets guaranteed entry, MET

Based on a discussion with Adam M, Chris Basler won’t be attending the Circuit final.

We are planning to stream the circuit finals.


I didn’t read the rules, but if so, they changed it - daniele got a spot in 2014

Yes, the rules changed. Rather than one big 20+ player ladder, 40 players play 2 rounds of elimination groups. The 10 players who survive this are then placed into a much shorter ladder. I think, because the field is a set size of 40, the “defending champ at the bottom” concept had to disappear.

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Too bad, that created one of the greatest pinball stories of all time!

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Not really, no. Daniele’s sweep through the first Circuit was one that he qualified for by winning at NW Pinball Championship. At the second Circuit, when Daniele was placed at #21 as defending champion, he was eliminated in the third game on Grand Prix.


Thanks for the info Pete. Updated w/out Basler

Would need to double check but I am not sure if Maka is going to travel? He didn’t last year.

Haven’t seen any invites yet. Just over 3 weeks to go.

Same here… I’m waiting for official confirmation before booking my hotel/time off from work.

Invites went out today, please reply ASAP.

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Does that include alternate invites also, or just strictly top-40?

Just top 40 so far.

There is a list of confirmed players available at