circuit finals tentative first round matchups


Catacomb tutorial. Bowen he is not, but it’s pretty detailed.


Very kind to post this, thank you.


@Gizmonic also provided some good Catacomb tips on Slam Tilt Podcasts “Hold your weight” episode


PAPAtvLive is going to be playing catacomb tonight on their youtube channel as well. By the end of this weekend I think we’ll all be catacombed out.


We may all be Catatonic… A thank you very much…:grinning:


Study up and get that left flipper ready!


I’m stuck at work, but here’s the current top 40 for group speculation and other purposes in lazy copy paste format:

|1|Steven Bowden|
|2|Raymond Davidson|
|3|Trent Augenstein|
|4|David Riel|
|5|Eric Stone|
|6|Keith Elwin|
|7|Jim Belsito|
|8|Fred Richardson|
|9|Jason Werdrick|
|10|Colin Urban|
|11|Alberto Santana|
|12|Escher Lefkoff|
|13|Alex Harmon|
|14|Josh Sharpe|
|15|Karl DeAngelo|
|16|Robert Gagno|
|17|Drew Cedolia|
|18|Zach Sharpe|
|19|Cayle George|
|20|Sanjay Shah|
|21|Aleksander Kaczmarczyk|
|22|Jason Zahler|
|23|Adam McKinnie|
|24|Adam Lefkoff|
|25|Andrew Rosa II|
|26|Nick Zendejas|
|27|Greg Poverelli|
|28|Zachary Parks|
|29|Chris Basler|
|30|Andy Rosa|
|31|John Delzoppo|
|32|Phil Birnbaum|
|33|Jeff Teolis|
|34|Tony Pierce|
|35|Lewis Bevans|
|36|Jack Tadman|
|37|Sunshine Bon|
|38|Mark van der Gugten|
|39|Derek Price|
|40|Timothy Street|

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – CUT LINE – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

|41|Robert Byers|
|42|Eric Russell CNY|
|43|Paul Caras|
|44|Donavan Stepp|
|45|Andrew Lee|
|46|Chris Warren AL|
|47|Damien Charléty|
|48|Gabe Da Silveira|
|49|Dave Stewart|
|50|Tim Sexton|
|51|Chris Compton|
|52|Mahesh Murthy|
|53|Basci Dinc|
|54|Derek Thomson|
|55|Steve Zahler|
|56|Ryan Wanger|


1 Steven Bowden
20 Sanjay Shah
21 Aleksander Kaczmarczyk
40 Timothy Street

2 Raymond Davidson
19 Cayle George
22 Jason Zahler
39 Derek Price

3 Trent Augenstein
18 Zach Sharpe
23 Adam McKinnie
38 Mark van der Gugten

4 David Riel
17 Drew Cedolia
24 Adam Lefkoff
37 Sunshine Bon

5 Eric Stone
16 Robert Gagno
25 Andrew Rosa II
36 Jack Tadman

6 Keith Elwin
15 Karl DeAngelo
26 Nick Zendejas
35 Lewis Bevans

7 Jim Belsito
14 Josh Sharpe
27 Greg Poverelli
34 Tony Pierce

8 Fred Richardson
13 Alex Harmon
28 Zachary Parks
33 Jeff Teolis

9 Jason Werdrick
12 Escher Lefkoff
29 Chris Basler
32 Phil Birnbaum

10 Colin Urban
11 Alberto Santana
30 Andy Rosa
31 John Delzoppo


I think my seeding for the last three years has been 10, 8, 31. Always stuck in a bottom group playing all the leftover classics. Guess I need to seed better!


Yeah, but last year the classics were more playable/desirable than the modern games.


I mean that’s a whole separate conversation, but it would be nice to get a shot at some era variety. Maybe there will be a boat anchor modern Stern that sinks to the depths for the bottom feeder groups. Striker Xtreme, anyone?


Yeah, seems odd to have era diversity if there are no rules in place for picking them.


Exactly. Would be nice to see something like no more than 2 of an era per round.


Agreed. Multi-era constraints in multi-game matches are a good thing, particularly if there are a limited # of moderns or controllable SS relative to the # of groups.


If only we knew someone at Stern with “some” experience in tournaments? :wink:


AFAIK PAPA is running the circuit final.


Get ready for Stingray…


I’m still ready for Catacomb! I just don’t think @sk8ball will ever be… :slightly_frowning_face:


The Toast!