Circuit Final Discussion

Anyone watching the stream? Or there in person? I’m going to watch as much of the stream as possible today. Fortunate to be working from home.

Live now, here:

Standings updated in real-time, here:

Games: The Walking Dead, Space Station, Simpsons Pinball Party, World Poker Tour, Mustang, Black Rose, Creature from the Black Lagoon


It is kind of shocking to me that everyone is choosing Walking Dead. Not a very controllable game, plus you’re picking a game everyone else has warmed up on. There are lots of other modern games out there that seem like they are a way better chance.

Top bet: Raymond Davidson chooses Black Rose

Agreed about Walking Dead. Maybe it’s comfort with that game plus feeling like they’re getting good reads on the feeds and shots on the live monitors.

I’ve been watching on and off all day. The big takeaway for me is how liberal some of the machines are… you can give most of them a good whack without tilting, and I see ball savers which I wasn’t expecting. I don’t mind wide-open outlanes, but I am happy that the games are playable.