? Champ Challenge (Maiden)

I got one dead end bonus on TZ on purpose, once. I’ve owned the game for 5 years.

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I chose a good day to visit the tilt forums.

I’d like to see a bounty on a 900 mil super deathblow. I actually think it is more achievable than a bil plus PJP


Anyone wanna take a stab at beating my Hallowed Be Thy Name Escape Artist score? :laughing:



Robert Gagno: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6p5G_4FPtI&feature=youtu.be&t=2790

What’s up with the upper left flipper missing a rubber? Does that make those shots easier or harder?

Update… I took the mini rubber off for a couple games to test for myself and the game plays so much better with that rubber removed! I can hit 4-5 mini loops in a row now which I could never do with a rubber on that flipper. I can also make lower loops easier without having to raise that flipper for more points. Tempted to keep it this way for a while although I do wonder if it leaves that flipper more vulnerable to breakage. The best solution may be some kind of thin profile mini rubber (similar to Gottlieb thickness) although I’m not sure such a thing exists in a mini size?

Whoa. That’s unorthodox. And I would assume terrible for maintaining physical condition of your flipper and mech.

I’ve found that Maidens whose upper mini flipper’s at-rest position are slightly misaligned toward the center of the playfield make shootin/looping the mini loop more possible, and the SJP more makeable as well.

Thanks! Just tried this and it does indeed help. Much easier to make the super now and loops seem a bit easier as well. It also opens up the lower loops a bit more. The results weren’t as dramatic as removing the rubber completely but it is a nice compromise and I won’t have to worry about cracking my flipper bat. My flipper was previously centered on the alignment hole and I moved it forward about a cm.IMG_20190526_090956|375x500

Thanks for posting this. I’m remembering now that mine came out of the box like your pic and I realigned it. Little did I know I was making the shots harder!

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Had HBTN and Trooper both ready to go, shot pharaoh to start HBTN, ball went wild off the bullseye shot and came screaming back down the middle, drop catch on L flipper, shot right orbit to start trooper + first HBTN shot, posts dropped and MB balls immediately started deploying due to trooper + mode stack, short plunged both trooper balls to flippers, then made the remaining 5 HBTN shots in very rapid succession using multiple balls. I think I may have completed the mode within the time it normally takes to do the intro callout/animation before dropping the post? Soul shard clocked in around 50M (no playfield multiplier at any point, but I’m not sure what the shard multiplier was).

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Ah very impressive!

The upper flipper has a standard factory rubber. I think it’s just the angle of recording where it appears no to have a rubber.


I thought I’d set an unbeatable time.
Similar to you in that I started Trooper MB during mode, although it was with my 3rd shot.
1st shot right ramp, followed by ricochet of captive ball to left orbit - giving 2nd and 3rd shots and starting trooper.
From upper left flipper into drops for 4th
Finally left ramp to bullseye for 5th and 6th.

Being in MB probably slowed me down as I couldn’t get a clean shot to collect the SS first time.


It might be the case that the timer stops with a ball in the pops. If you’re in single ball play, this doesn’t help, but if you’re in multiball…

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This was fun. Personal best


Damn I was proud of mine…