Center Post Passes

I was wondering if anyone had a list (or wanted to start one) of games you can reliably center post pass on ala Stars.

Assuming it’s pretty limited to early SS Stern?

Works pretty well on the WoF I play on location.

Meteor, Magic

Warlock is another.

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For those who are ignorant, like I was, here is a video of Bowen doing a center post pass.

Happens in the first minute or so.


With Pinburgh in mind, the question for you as a player is: Do you want to risk one of your three balls to test a center post pass reliability, on a pin you step up to play one time only, with no chance of knowing if the center post rubber is the usual good and bouncy kind? Or that the post hasn’t been jarred slightly loose, making it more of a post catcher? :frowning:

Eh, ultimately it boils down to play order, no? If you don’t see anyone else doing it before you and you’re not brave enough to try, who’s to say anyone will?

I think in my mind if I didn’t see anyone else do it, I wouldn’t even bother trying to unless I was desperate or in a big scoring chance (e.g. maxed out spinner lit on Meteor with no good way to post pass)

Tap passing is another good approach on these games… though it’s a touchy skill that requires practice.

No, I will try and talk other players into testing it for me. :smiling_imp:

But on a serious note, probably not unless info filtered back that it was reliable. I just kind of wondered what games it was possible on - mainly if it crossed into other manufacturers (which sound like it does, ie Warlok)

@joe - I can reliably tap on most early Bally’s but have never had the touch on early Sterns…except for the very rare exception.

Yeah, and access to a game you can actually do it on; I’ve always found tapping to be so game-variant, to the point that I still don’t get how to reliably do it.

A friend has a Sorcerer he can do it on. But of course, it’s all relative to the angle of the game, flippers, whether it has a lean or not, etc. You might find one where it works, and another of the same kind of machine where it doesn’t.