Can you aim your slap saves?

There’s been a lot of talk and attention lately to doing one handed slap saves as a way to save the ball without getting it out of control. Whereas a traditional slap save involves hitting both flippers, one just after the other. I am trying to learn to do the single flip, but my brain is just programmed to hit both flippers.

I find that quite often when I do a slap save, instead of the ball flying off wildly in some random direction, it goes to a major shot like a ramp or scoop, etc. Often the ball may go to the only shot that is lit for a jackpot. It seems as though I am able to aim the slap save. Not every time of course, but quite often. Does anyone feel like this is a skill in their bag of tricks? Anyone think I’m just imagining this “perceived skill”? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Rather than aiming for a specific shot, I think the latest trend is to shatz the inlane on slap saves. I’ve been attempting it lately with minimal success.

I try and slap to the inlane when possible but I sometimes (too often it seems) hit the bottom sling post instead and center drain before the flipper has returned to rest.

The “Shatz-Save” is one of my recent favorite maneuvers. Mega bonus points on early Bally and Williams SS games. I’ve been doing it a lot and it seems to frequently end well. Of course, I like shatzing inlanes a lot so I’ve probably become pretty decent at it. Mileage may vary for those who don’t shatz as much in regular gameplay.

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“Shatz-save”…i like it!

Any chance someone could break down exactly what is a slap (or shatz) save for this noob? Are we talking a smack to the flipper button with a nudge to one side only (instead of one side then the other) when the ball is coming down the center drain? So its just a “Pap!” Instead of a “Pap PAP!”?

Slap save is a “pap, pap”. Shatz save they are refering to is a single flip that would cause the ball to go into the inlane of the opposite flipper. I like to PAP, PAP!

Awesome thx!

I stopped doing two handed saves a long time ago when someone, probably bowen, mentioned how valuable they were in comparison. I dunno about aiming but, most of the time they do end up as a shatz or on the opposite flipper.

Try doing a “delayed” slap save. Raise the other flipper, but only after the ball has passed to protect against that.

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Yeah doing a Shatz on the one handed slap is the last thing I want to happen. I try to aim at the bottom of the sling post to try to deaden it in that area but if not raise the flipper before it can go SDTM

I try to do the one-handed slap save these days, but check-flip the opposite flipper slightly later than a normal slap to either trap or flip away, in case I’m off and I hit the bottom of the opposite sling. Still, on reaction I tend to do a regular slap save.

Quick and dirty slap save vid:

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