California Extreme 2022 live stream

I couldn’t find a CAX 2022 thread, so here goes. I’m streaming the 80s Division and Main + Women playoffs. It starts tomorrow. I also have a few other cool things on the schedule for the Saturday.

Tournament info:
Main + Women’s standings and playoffs:
80s Division and Youth will be run with MatchPlay (AFAIK)


Thanks all for tuning in. All streamed games are now available as either highlights on Twitch and organized in chronological order on YouTube.

That tournament crowd sure hits differently while streaming and I truly appreciate all the support!

Hopefully we’ll get to do all over again next year.


Hey thanks for doing this! I played in both and got on for a the stream for hot second and played like shit. Your setup was rad and it looked amazing!

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Thank you for those kind words! I hardly notice the streaming gear while playing these days, so it will take some time to getting used to.

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