California Extreme 2015

Hello everyone! California Extreme 2015 is mere weeks away! We have been getting everything together for a great tournament this year, and as you know there have been some changes. We have eliminated the Classics division, and have instead put a much more broad range of games into the main division. We have also moved the Kids division finals to Saturday night in order to accomodate more single-day players and intefere less with the Main tournament finals.

We plan to have 12 games in Main, with four from each era - DMD, SS and EM. Best 7 scores to qualify, top 24 in the finals, with top 8 getting a first round bye. Please check out the complete rules and let me know if you have any questions.

I’m also pleased to announce our (almost) finalized our game lineup.

World Cup Soccer
Star Trek (Stern)
Iron Man

Big Game

Jungle Princess
Jacks Open
Jumping Jack

My deepest thanks to Mark Birsching, TJ Beyer, Jim Vierra, Chis Kuntz, and Pacific Pinball Museum for supplying games for the tournament!

Note that we are still short a solid state and a DMD. If you live in the area and would like to bring a game, please get in touch with me.

Thanks, and can’t wait to see everybody!

Someone should bring KISS (maybe an LE?)- isn’t 1.0 software coming out this week or so? That could be fun in the tourney - it was fun having it at SFGE…

If someone wants to bring one i would love to use it!

Maybe this is covered elsewhere but I noticed there are qualifying hours friday night but extreme isn’t officially open on friday according to the calex website. Is the tournament being held in a seperate room to the “show” or will tournament participants be allowed early acess somehow?

yeah you can enter to do qualifying but the rest of the show isn’t open so it’s just tourney folks.

I’m in need of 3-4 additional camcorders to cover all 12 games in the tournament lineup for the broadcast. Does anyone have a camcorder or two they’d be willing to share with the tournament?

I’ve got one you can use.

Looks like I should be good now, thanks to everyone that offered!

I’ve filled out the game list. The last two games are Metallica (Pro) and Vector!

See you in a couple weeks!