Cactus Jack's Silverball Showdown 2019


Rumored to be inbound. Will need to be set up and tested. It will only be used in A if I can get consensus assurance that the code is bug free and non-exploitable.

What say you, @sk8ball?

P.s. Normally I wouldn’t consider using such a fresh game, but considering the source and experience with the earlier iteration I am keeping an open mind.


Hot damn!


@alveolus, what is the latest check in time for Friday and is it too late to order a shirt for pickup at the tournament?


The Cactus approves.


Please check in by 12:30. Any later and it may delay the start of the tournament.

I’ll have to check on the shirts




As long as shirts are in stock they can be ordered for pick-up at the Showdown.


Up the Cacti!


Are you going as well?


The game has been tested by Keith, myself, and our software tester Mike V. It’s been played on 2 streams. If NYCPC was this weekend I’d be completely willing to use it.

If you want to use it, understand that it’s a new game for pretty much everyone in the tournament, and that players will be learning the game and not completely aware of the situation they are in. You have to assume that the game is working “as intended” unless conclusively proven otherwise.

but yeah it’s solid


No, but I would love to go sometime. Looks like a great tourney!


It has been and looks to continue that track record. They’ve also opened it to a slightly higher number of entrants this year.

I always tell people, if you didn’t get into Pinburgh and desire a similar experience, give OKC a shot.


For those playing in the tournament -


Is there a list of the order of deterministic Mystery Awards or Pharoah’s Tomb awards for tourney play?

Any other rules changes for tourney play? (Similar to TWD drastic mode start constraint of only being able to start modes outside of a Multiball)


Tomb awards are always in a set order no matter what. Mystery awards that aren’t add time and add-a-ball are random.

Install competition sets the initial Eddie battle lit to the same mode for every player. Then sets some other adjustments to HARD.


Will the tournament be streamed?

I couldn’t go this year (bummer) but I’d love to watch online!


At the bottom of the tournament’s main page is a “watch live” button that links to a Twitch channel that looks promising.


That is the plan.


Follow along with the matches, standings, etc.

Twitch channels on the event site :
Good luck everyone, sorry I couldn’t make it.


How does the scoring work? Round 1 Adam has 25, but he earned 10 from the match? Do you start with points based on your seed from yesterday?